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    Completed Adeptus

    Post by Adeptus 25th January 2023, 1:12 am

    Adeptus 53f0a5b6a63687e23be82dc771735913234a16e0

    Codename: Adeptus
    Real Name: Jinyoung
    Nickname: Jin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: 6th March
    Sexuality: Gay
    Special Characteristics: Green tattoo on right arm.

    Personality: Adeptus was born and raised in a family dedicated to keeping balance within the universe. From a young age he was trained physically, mentally and magically every day in order to maintain this structure like the rest of his family. He was generally a very outgoing and friendly child, although it was difficult for him to make friends with such a strict routine. His personality changed for the worse though when he was eight years old, training his magic when it backfired and injured one of his older sisters, disabling her. He became distant and serious to almost everyone around him, including his family but he believed that the accident was a result of his immaturity, so he grew up fast. Adeptus is generally kind and friendly when he first meets someone and can best be described as quite serious all the time, but he is someone that can truly be depended on. He will always go out of his way for others and will put others before himself. Although he doesn't have any yet, those who truly become close friends with him, those who he can trust, he allows himself to open up to more and will even joke around and laugh with them. Adeptus keeps his face hidden at all times by the Demon Mask and only his closest family members have seen his face. The mask is a way of him not only hiding his identity but also to hide his emotions, preventing others from "getting in". He hopes that one day he can be closer to a select few that he can feel comfortable with revealing himself, though he has to learn to start opening up more and letting people get close to him in the first place. His serious nature tends to give off the vibe that he is cold and doesn't like anyone, but this isn't true. Strict upbringings are hard to shake and one day he may loosen them but at this point in time, its not likely. He usually waits for others to approach him first, which isn't exactly often so he generally spends a majority of his days alone.


    • Friends - Growing up, Adeptus didn't have much in the way of opportunity in making friends as he spent a majority of his childhood training, learning the ways of his magic and understanding the laws and principles of equivalent exchange. Now that he is older and has more free time on his hands, he enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them. He hopes to have a close knit group of friends someday, ones that can rely on him and vice versa.
    • Training - Adeptus tries to get a training session in once a day. He enjoys working out to improve himself as he believes that everyone is capable of improvement and training can only improve him. He wishes to become stronger so that he can withstand anything that is thrown at him in life.
    • Crispy Bacon - Adeptus usually eats quite healthily in order to keep his toned form, but one thing he likes for a treat is crispy bacon. Whenever he feels like he deserves it, he will break his strict diet and have a plate of crispy bacon. However, he always makes sure to work it off later through training.


    • Alcohol - Adeptus is considered what you would call a "light weight" when it comes to drinking and gets drunk relatively easily after a few drinks. It isn't so much that he dislikes alcohol, its more of how he behaves when drunk. When he is under the influence of alcohol, Adeptus has no filter when it comes to the words he speaks and his actions can be just as bad. Basically, when drunk, he tends to get himself into trouble.
    • Greens - More specifically, green fruits and vegetables. Ever since he was a child he was unable to stomach them and to this day, he will avoid them at all costs. Especially broccoli.
    • Cruelty - Adeptus cannot stand there and watch as someone is being tortured or mistreated. Whether it be human or animal. There is a line that he has drawn that determines for him what cruelty is and will generally step in to stop it. Admittedly, even in the laws of equivalent exchange there is a call for this, but he generally tries to avoid it those kinds of situations.


    • Balance - Adeptus and his family have always followed the laws of equivalent exchange, there can't be one without the other, every action has a reaction, in order to obtain something, you must lose something of equal value. Like his family, Adeptus' primary objective is to keep things balanced when it comes to good and evil.
    • Challenges - Because Adeptus has been training for a majority of his life, he is considerably well versed in martial arts and his magics. Because of this, it is not often that he comes across someone or something that is a challenge for him. It gets boring, so he constantly seeks new challenges in his life to overcome.
    • The Guild - Adeptus knew when he was younger that he wanted to join a guild someday. When he was a child, he heard of one guild's conquests and victories, knowing then that he wanted to join the Fairy Tail Guild. Now that he is a member of this guild and is starting to make some connections there, he hopes to be able to defend the guild just like any other member would. The guild was now his home and he would defend it with his life.


    • Inflicting Pain - He generally has to inflict pain on others in his line of work but this is more specifically aimed at those he cares about. He never wants to inflict pain on someone he cares about, whether it be physical or emotional. When he was younger, he accidentally forced a spell to backfire which caused his older sister to become disabled. He has always regretted that day and fears that it could happen again.
    • Loss - Even though death is part of the natural order of things and plays a role in the laws of equivalent exchange, one of his greatest fears is to lose someone he cares about. Whether it be a family member, a fellow guild member or a lover, losing any one of them is a crippling fear for him. Even if one's death is required for balance, nothing can prepare him for that kind of situation.
    • Darkness - Adeptus and his family use two different types of magic in order to keep balance. One of these magics has been known to cause some users to drift into darkness, allowing it to take over them and do unspeakable things. Adeptus fears this will happen to him and hopes it never does.

    General Appearance

    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 68kg
    Hair Color: Dark teal with light teal undertones.
    Eye Color: Gold
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Appearance: Adeptus stands at roughly 177cm tall and weighs in at roughly 68kg. He is toned thanks to daily physical training and has pale skin without a single blemish. His hair is medium in length, dark teal in colour with lighter teal undertones. He has a green tattoo on his right arm and gold eyes. He can be seen wearing a variety of different clothing, his choices generally not sticking to one specific style, however, he has a Demon Mask which he wears at all times to hide his identity. The mask is black and gold with blue eyes and horns. His guild tattoo his black in colour and on his left butt cheek. This isn't to hide it as if he is ashamed but to hide it so that those who may wish to cause harm are less likely to target the guild instead.

    General Appearance:
    Demon Mask:

    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: Left butt cheek
    Tattoo Color: Black

    Faction Chapter:

    The White Queen

    The White Queen

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    Completed Re: Adeptus

    Post by Saraphina 25th January 2023, 3:30 pm


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