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    KFC (Solo)


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    KFC (Solo) Empty KFC (Solo)

    Post by Javel on 13th February 2016, 10:14 pm

    Job Description:
    Job: Get that Chicken!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Capture the chicken without hurting it. Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character.
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description: A farmer has recently had a broken chicken house and requires you to hunt that Fowl down! This Chicken however had magical growth hormones injected into him that increased its size to a 5 foot monster! Its peck will deal C rank damage so watch out! Damaging even one feather on that chicken will result in a job failure so it may be best to lure or scare the chicken back into its fence. Completing it will give one grateful farmer his livelihood back.

    Reward: 250 Jewels. Failure if you do a single D-rank of damage.


    Savage Skull

    With the Housekeeping mission finished, Javel rested for the night at a local inn for his next mission taking place in the same town. This time, the dark mage found himself heading a bit further out and into the more rural area of the town. This second mission was a request of help from a rather distressed farmer. If the dark mage didn't read the slip wrong, he needed to provide assistance in helping him catch a runaway chicken that escaped the chicken house not too long ago. Javel found himself blinking repeatedly as he stared at the mission paper, wondering if this was actually the case. A runaway chicken...he would've never thought that he would have to chase down a chicken of all things. Then again, he never thought that something as trivial as stealing recipes and housekeeping would be actual mage jobs either. It really makes him wonder what other wacky scenario that this strange kingdom of Fiore had waiting for him in the long run.

    Javel made it to the farm where he was needed and was quick to identify his client. The lone farmer seemed very busy in attending his crops so Javel patiently waited until the former noticed his presence. It didn't take long.

    "Oh, howdy there, young man." the farmer greeted.

    "I'm here for the mission." was Javel's cold response.

    "Oh you're here to help me out? That's great!" the farmer nodded. "Name's Ben. Lemme show you the chicken house. Come."

    The two have arrived to the scene of the crime, which was none other than the utterly demolished chicken house. One thing Javel immediately took notice at how badly destroyed it was. The majority of the chickens were still inside and behaving normally, but there was one empty nest in the far back that was unoccupied. It was unusual how the house could take such a beating from one tiny chicken. Ben explained to the dark mage, "Lenny...Her name is Lenny. And if you can't already tell, she's very different from the rest of the flock."

    "I sense small traces of magic energy left around here..." Javel murmured. "Care to explain why?"  

    "Magical growth hormones." Ben shrugged. "That's why she's very different from the others. You see, she's bigger than the rest of her brethen and just ran off out of the comfort of her home when the hormone suddenly acted up and changed her."

    "Do you mean...?" Javel asked. Ben nodded. "Oh yes, sonny. Come with me..."

    The farmer and the mage began heading out to the countryside grasslands. After  a brief minute of walking, Javel spotted a white fluff of feathers in the distance; upon closer examination however it was something so much more. The dark mage was initially dumbstruck at the humorous presence of a human-sized chicken in the distance clucking to itself. Ben sighed. "There's Lenny. She's been out by herself for almost two days it's a miracle that no wild animal actually got to her yet. I tried to get her to come back but all she does is peck me with her powerful beaks. This is where you come in; you're going to bring him back."

    "Understood..." Javel coldly nodded and began to walk forward. He was immediately stopped. "Lenny's a nuisance, but she's worth me money. You will lure her back without using violence. If one feather is so much as scratched, I'm afraid that's gonna cost you the mission. She cannot be harmed, okay young fella? Do it right and the jewels' yours."

    "Then I'll do it your way..." Javel corrected himself and resumed his approach. Needing to get its attention, Javel activated his Requip magic. A yellow magic circle in the shape of an eye was expelled from the end of his fist. It retracted as Javel pulled back his hand, it landing on his chest and prompting blue lightning-like patterns to outline through his entire body. Blue energy combusted from the magic eye, his Soul Armor now in the place where he was once standing. Javel flexed his arms in triumph and a yellow-and-silver hooded cloak sprouted from his chest-embedded magic eye, flying over and then coming back down on him. The cloak then merged with him, forming the armor's unique faceplate and finalizing his transformation.

    The oversized chicken very much heard and felt the burst of sudden magic energy and turned around. The animal clucked loudly and aggressively at the requip mage, not pleased by his distance to it. Javel wasted no time and summoned his lightning lantern, attaching the new item to his Berserker's Hand weapon-tool. Figuring a low-powered lightning spell should do a trick, Javel activated his Omega Bomber and fired a bolt of lightning at the chicken's general area. He deliberately missed and the bolt passed between the chicken's thin legs at exploding behind it. From there, the animal's aggression quickly turned to fear and it immediately tried to flee. Javel's response was to zap at the chicken again, the bolt striking directly in front of the chicken and causing it to switch directions. The dark mage repeatedly did so until the chicken was running at the direction of the farm.

    The dark mage didn't even try to follow it as the chicken simply went off on its own. When he and the startled Ben made it back to the farm, the oversized chicken was now settled in the destroyed chicken house, clucking sporadically from the traumatizing experience that were Javel's carefully aimed strikes. Aside from being dusted with soil and grass, the chicken was unharmed.

    Ben was quick to chastise the mage for his actions. "Fella, did you dump your brain until a pile of manure?! Did I not just say that Lenny is worth me money?!"

    Javel was calm and collected, refuting, "All you said was to bring Lenny back and not to harm the animal. I did what as I was told."

    "You're insane, fella!"

    The dark mage pointed his weapon at the farmer and threatened him. "We had a deal. Now, where's the money that you promised?"

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