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    Tag (Job/Solo)


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    Tag (Job/Solo) Empty Tag (Job/Solo)

    Post by Brand 15th October 2016, 3:39 am

    Waking up in the room he found last night in Magnolia Brand stretched and looked at the jobs he had today one was just to warm him up for the day instead of working out he was going to play tag in the local gardens with some kids. There was no reward but he was doing what he can in his free time to make a world a better place. Rushing out the door and to the gardens he met the kids he would be playing with. It so happens it was the kids he accidentally met yesterday during his other job. Brand volunteered to be it first and started counting. "50 ready or not here I come!" yelled Brand as he started Jogging around the gardens. He spotted small group of the kids and started to run toward them. They all scattered in all different directions not knowing what one to chase he picked the fastest looking one. After sprinting around for a bit he caught the kid he was chasing. that kid ran off the catch someone else. Brand continued running around it was his workout after all. Then the kid in the bomber jacket he met yesterday pointed at him. Brand looked around then jogged away for a bit. Turning to look over his shoulder he could see the kid gaining so he picked up speed. The kid still continued gaining distance between him and Brand. Brand looked back and the kid didn't even look like he had broke a sweat. So he started sprinting and the kid still kept up. They ran all over the garden before Brand looked back and time seemed to slow for a second then the kid speed up to and incredible speed. He easily caught Brand. Brand just stood there in shock and the kid fell over laughing. He talked about how he did small jobs around town and with that money he bought magic shoes. Brand was fascinated he rubbed the kids hair. "You will make a fine mage one day just remember to find me when you do." Brand said smiling. He knew it was almost time to go but he promised he would come back and hang out again. He even told the kid in the bomber jacket to contact Sabertooth if he needed him. The kid screamed in joy "Sabertooth??". It so happened to be the kids dream to join Sabertooth. Brand then said bye to the rest of the kids then walked out of the garden toward the next job he had at the post office. Seeing that kid reminded himself what being a kid was like. He remember the energy and motivation he had to become a mage in a guild. He smiled to himself first he had helped a blood donation. Then he helped save puppies and take them home. And now he had made these children's dreams. He knew he was just starting his adventure but he would always remember his first few days in Sabertooth.

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