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    TAG ★ solo, job

    Shiori Saikawa

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    TAG ★ solo, job Empty TAG ★ solo, job

    Post by Shiori Saikawa 19th April 2017, 4:00 pm

    TAG ★ solo, job WIjlryD

    Vesta Guildless D-Rank

    Vesta, the young witch, ventured about Magnolia, with no real purpose in mind. She walked across the streets, both hands gripping the straps of her backpack which held some of her necessities. Including her magic book, a large red book with a winged lion on the front and a magic emblem on the back, mostly with the color scheme gold, white and red. A very important thing to the young lady, without it she couldn’t cast her magic, because it held the cards which held within them her summons. Each one is very precious to her, even though she hasn’t owned them that long. So was Sol, a small lion looking thing that was currently floating by her side. ”Hey Vesta, Vess-ta-ta Vessy Vestart Veserton” he spoke in his higher-pitched tone of voice in a repetitive manner ”What Leon?” she asked slightly harsh in response to get him to shut-up, her smile fading from her face to look at the orange cream colored feline with pursed lips. And as she expected, he asked her a request. Well less a request and more of a demand, a demand for food ”Get me some of that” he said, pointing his small paw towards a snack bar that sat at the entrance to the East Magnolia Park or some such.
    The brunette contemplated for a minute, should she really? She shouldn’t be spending her precious jewels on some overpriced snacks, but he would keep pestering her about it until she did so or whine about it later. Letting out a sigh she reached back into her bag to grab her money, the lion chanting ‘Jewels’ until she gave him money. He giggled giddily and flew over to the stand, Vesta started to follow behind until someone called out to her. "Hey girl! Hey!" she looked over to see a boy waving her over. She walked into the park to meet the stranger that appeared to be about her age. "Wanna play tag?" he asked, a few of what Vesta assumed to be his friends, stood a few yards behind. The witch smiled brightly, making the boy blush "Yeah of course!" she said with a small giggle following her reply. He nodded and then smiled also, he then gestured for her to follow as he ran back over to his friends.
    There was six total now, including herself, even on the boys to girls ratio now that she was here to accompany them in their game. Then the boy proceeded to touch one of his friends on the shoulder and yell "Tag!" and then bolted, the friend angrily yelled ‘Hey! That’s not fair!’ as everybody else laughed and ran in opposite directions all around the park. But his anger quickly subsided when he started to play. He ran after Vesta, I guess picking the newcomer to chase after. The witch laughed giddily as she let her adrenaline push her to go faster then the one chasing her, he eventually gave up with a grunt to go after someone slower then himself instead of the magic user. She grinned with accomplishment, skidding to a stop next to another one of the girls who held up her hand. Vesta complied and high fived the girl, both of them laughed, but stopped once another kid appeared behind and tagged the other girl. She let out a yelp in surprise, and scowled before continuing the game by tagging Vesta who stood next to her.
    It continued on like that for probably an hour, but the game stopped when the kids families came. Usually just their moms with an older sibling or a younger one that either didn’t want to play or couldn’t. They spent a minute all saying goodbye to the witch as she walked away back towards the vender, waving. Eventually they were out of sight, and the sun started to set on the trees and buildings in the horizon. Showing off a nice clash of brilliant bright and calmly soft colors, she could’ve stared at it until it faded totally from view, letting the moon take over the sky. But her little lion friend floated over to her side and broke her from her daze. ”I’m tiiiiiired” he said, yawning on one of his words to basically prove what he just said. The girl giggled softly and grabbed the small feline from the air. He curled up in her arms and closed his eyes. She pet his head a few times before heading out, going to find wherever he mother was.

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