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    Tag! [Job - Solo]


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    Tag! [Job - Solo] Empty Tag! [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shakil 12th January 2017, 2:52 pm

    Tag, what a wonderful game!He has always watched others play it, but not he himself. He never had anyone but daemons to play with him when he was all alone in his castle grounds, but he never really had any fond memories of the game. Regardless, he accepted a job request to do just that. Play tag. Nothing more, nothing less. He was expecting six young children, usually between the ages twelve and six. That happened to be the age group he was most fond of, so Achim was genuinely excited to meet his... playmates. A wide and mischievous grin appeared on his face as he imagined what fun they'd have!

    Suddenly, footsteps in the distance had broken the innocent silence that brushed over the Magnolian fields. It was a peaceful area, lots of green grass, evergreen trees, and dark secrets that lie behind those same trees. Achim wished to contribute to that collection of dark secrets with what he had planned here for six unfortunate souls today. - Achim turned his head to the side, spotting a group of excited young children for their day of play. One, seemingly the oldest, had messy brown hair and black eyes. The youngest of the group, a young girl holding a stuffed bear in her arms, with blonde hair and blue eyes. The other four had a range from black or brown hair with a variety of eye colors, quite typical. But it was those two who stood out the most.

    "Ahoy there, mister! Ready to play? I put on my best running shoes today!" The oldest boy said enthusiastically, as all the other quickly joined in on the excitement, excitement, except the young girl, who shyed away from the rest by hiding behind the group.

    Achim nodded and smiled, "Why yes! To the woods now, children! Where there is more space to play!" He cackled as he ran over to the border of the wooded area just up ahead. But the game started just as he chased them to the woods, where they would all laugh and play as they ran from the man.

    For the most part, it was a nice feeling to play with them, he felt like a kid again. But it was weird playing with real human beings rather than dark, shadowy distortions of the actual thing. It was a rather enlightening feeling, he almost felt pity for them for what fate lies ahead of them. A death, a lonely and cold existence awaited them. Not their loving parents, not a tasty meal at the family dinner table, not a warm, cozy bed and a fluffy pillow to lay their heads on top of at night. No, none of that, just a cold, heartless fate that is death.

    A wide smirk morphed to the man's lips as he chased the boys into the wood, ready for what fate had ordered him to do.

    It had been hours that they ran and ran from the man with nothing but smiles on their lips, even the small, shy one was having a good time! Oh, but how cruel must it be that he must end their fun so quickly! The kids and Achim finally came to a halt, out of breath. "Wow, man! Hell of a game! My thighs are burning UP! Hehe!" The tall, brown haired kid laughed. Achim snickered with him, but his horrendous smirk did not match the giggles. They were more... condescending.

    "I must say... I am quite impressed with your willpower, men and women! The adrenaline that pumped through me was not like any other rush! However..." Out came a pocket knife, his signature weapon, and quickly chucked it at the boys thigh. He fell down in agony, screaming while clenching the wound. The others gasped and yelled t the sight of their friend fall to his knees, grunting, but they all froze, and said nothing. "You see, you should never trust a stranger, kids... Achim walked over to the boy, and slowly and painfully twisted the knife in his thigh, making him nearly pass out as blood spilled out. "..until you know what kind of person they are. You see, I am no significant man on this land. I am but a humble servant to the inevitable, the unstoppable force, fate itself. It is my job to carry out its will... and it sentences you to a death brought by me." He twisted the knife one last time before ripping it out, leaving him with a thigh oozing with blood. He reckoned he hit an artery! Heh.

    "Now let me at my work..." He licked the blood off of the blade, and began to cut about the boy's flesh each second, until his body looked like plates, carved up. He fainted before he finished, but then proceeded to carve the skin off of his body. The other children watched in horror as they saw their friend be treated like a gut fish. His fingers were covered in blood as the he finished carving the boy, with his signature message. "Hehehaha..." He cackled, winking back at the other children, he screamed.

    A nice, bloody hour had passed, children skinned and carved like gutted fish and pumpkins. Blood had spilled everywhere, and although Achim had attempted to saw their limbs off, unfortunately, and pocket knife wasn't big enough. Instead, there were huge gashes in the bodies. Blood drenched the grass lie muddy water, and he was left pleased with his work. Letters were carved into everyone's body, with the same message:

    "Where is your God now?"

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