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    Three Little Pigs [Job / Solo]


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    Completed Three Little Pigs [Job / Solo]

    Post by Adeptus 28th January 2023, 6:22 am

    After getting his passport so that he could travel outside of Fiore, the young masked wizard Adeptus began to make his way back to the Fairy Tail guild hall when he noticed a relatively older gentleman in the distance. As he continued to progress further up the street, he could tell that the older gentleman was searching for something. “Come on! Where are you?” He called out, obviously looking for something. “Are you okay sir?” Adeptus asked as he approached. The older man was a little taken back for a moment there, likely because of the mask that the young wizard was wearing but he didn’t care to take notice of his reaction. “Young man, you haven’t seen any little pigs running about have you?” The elder was obviously distressed by his current predicament. “No... I can’t say I have. You had pigs that have gone missing?” The young mage responded. The old man nodded. “My mind isn’t as good as it used to be and I must have forgotten to lock the gates last night when I fed them.” He let out a heavy sigh. “I got up this morning and they were all gone. They are gluttons so I figured they would head into town looking for food.” Adeptus looked around the general vicinity for a moment and then turned back to the old man. “I don’t think there are any here but I can help you look around the town if you like?” A smiled formed on the old man’s face, clearly delighted that someone would be willing to help. “Listen, there are three of them. If you do find them, bring them to my farm just outside of town to the east, big red barn, you can’t miss it.” With that said, the old man began heading in the opposite direction Adeptus was headed, beginning to search elsewhere.

    Adeptus knew that Magnolia was a relatively big town and it would take too long to search every single street and alley way. With that in his mind, the young wizard turned his view to the nearby cathedral, one of the tallest buildings in Magnolia. “If I climb that, I should be able to get a good view of the whole area.” With that said, Adeptus immediately pushed off, running at full speed down the street and leaping up when he reached the cathedral, taking hold of various brick work, lips and anything else he could grab onto in order to climb the building. Once on the roof, the young mage began to scan the area for a moment. It was here that the masked mage saw three pink little figures devouring food out of an overflowing trashcan. It was the pigs. Narrowing his eyes on them, Adeptus pushed off the side of the building and leaped into the air, commando rolling when he hit the pavement and springing into a run with the momentum. He took a right hand turn down one street and a left down another until he approached the pigs who were too busy devouring the scraps that they hadn’t noticed him. Grabbing two of them by the tail with his right hand and the other by his left, he lifted the three pigs up and looked them over for a moment. They struggled to shake themselves out of his grip but the young mage had no intention of letting go.

    Following the old man’s directions, Adeptus carried the three pigs like this all the way back to the farm where the man was waiting. “You found them! Thank you!” He said as he approached, immediately turning to open the pen in which the pigs lived. Adeptus plopped the pigs down into the pen and closed the gate behind him. Before he could say anything however, the old man was already standing in front of him, holding out a bag of what sounded like jewels. “Please, take this, for your trouble.” Adeptus didn’t deny and took the jewels, bowing to the old man as a thank you before continuing his journey back to the Fairy Tail guild hall.

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