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    Eirwen Empty Eirwen

    Post by Zincarla 26th December 2022, 4:40 pm


    Eirwen File
    Note: I do not own this photo

    Name: Eirwen

    Appearance: Snow-Type Griffin

    Grade: Ethereal +

    Type: Combat Pet

    Description: Eirwen is a griffin with features belying both a snowy owl and snow leopard. She stands at 7' 6'' at the shoulder and has a muscular, broad body. Eirwen is a young adult, but likely won't grow any larger. She has vibrant gold eyes, a black beak, and fur and feathers in shades of black and white all over her body. She can swim fairly well but her real skill lies in flight; she can fly not just well but superbly, whether through battle or storm, Eirwen's dexterity and strength get her through with ease. Eirwen was raised by a female mage who went to the same prison as Zincarla, thus when Zincarla was released from her sentence early she moved on to become Eirwen's new companion and caretaker. Eirwen has a loyal and intelligent personality, and although she looks frightening and is quite formidable in combat, she has a puppy-like level of energy, playfulness and curiosity. Eirwen makes friends easily but is devoted to Zincarla first and will put herself in harm's way to keep her friends safe. She can be very protective, especially when threatened. In combat, she exhibits a power that seems unusually great for a beast so young and friendly in nature. She is as powerful as Zincarla herself in many ways and is deserving of respect.

    Abilities: Combat Pets can hold 1 Item, 1 Weapon, and 1 Armor. Pet abilities can be passive or active and can either be "Caster" type spells or "Techniques". 1 User Rank Ability (Up to S rank) and 1 User Rank Ability (Up to A rank)

    Glacial Blast:
    Haunting Howl:

    Proof of Acquisition:


    Eirwen Imageedit-3-2741721522

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    Eirwen Empty Re: Eirwen

    Post by Mura Kensho 21st January 2023, 6:46 am

    Eirwen 4z3Ub5Y
    Sorry for the wait, looks good - assuming the two abilities are fundamentally statless



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