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    A Political Intrige


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    A Political Intrige  Empty A Political Intrige

    Post by Mufasa 10th December 2020, 2:39 am

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    A man walked through the large open door, into the massive ballroom. ”And here I am,” exclaimed man, with his arms raised and spread out. There was a wide smile upon his face, his eyes jumped around to get a look at people attending. Not many guests had noticed him due too the music, others shrugged or only look for a moment. ”Mufasa is the name,” said Mufasa as he inspected his nails and strolled towards the standing tables, grabbing a glass of champagne from one of the waiters that passed him by.

    Mufasa wore shining black leather shoes, black pantaloon, a dark grey shirt with a black jacket. His fingers and neck were adorned by a dozen rings and necklaces of plain gold. One of the necklaces was wrought in the shape of an eye, crossed by a twisting sword. His skin was dark, like cedar, his eyes were like glowing amber with pupils like a cat. A thick layer of eyeliner circled his eyes, underneath it were strikes of gold make-up. His golden hair was shaven on either side of his head, the remaining part shone from oil and was combed to one side.

    Mufasa brought the elegant glass to his lips and took a sip from the sparkling drink. ”Hmm, I have had better,” said the warlock, tossing the glass with the remaining contents over his shoulder. He arrived at the nearest standing table, three men in tuxedoes were arguing. Mufasa’s eyes fell upon a glass with golden liquid and a large sphere of ice. ”Ow but that looks more like it,” said Mufasa as he grabbed the glass and tried to walk away.

    “Hey, that’s… my drink?” said the bearded man.

    Mufasa turned around on his heels and took two steps to stand close to the man and looked in his eyes. ”No it not, it’s mine. Keep track of your stuff,” said Mufasa as he fluttered his free hand. He took a sip from the liquid, the alcohol burned in the back of his throat, but the liquid tastes like sweet almonds and spices. ”You know, this is a delicious scotch, must be from the southwest of Ca-Elum. You should try it.” Mufasa turned around and walked towards the tables with food.

    “But…,” stammered the man. But Mufasa raised his hand and kept on walking.

    Mufasa’s eyes feasted upon the countless plates with appetizers, from shrimp to filled eggs, pastries, and fruit. He picked up an entire plate with shrimp, wrapped in bacon and turned around. Someone gave him a weird look but Mufasa did not care. He was looking for a table to join. He was to wait for another member of Errings Rising before the fun would begin. There was a table with three ladies and Mufasa strode towards it. Placing the plate on the table. ”Care for a snack?” said Mufasa as a sly grin appeared on his face. They gave him a weird look. ”I mean me of course,” said Mufasa as he laid his hand on his chest.

    One of the women rolled her eyes, “Come let’s go.” She walked away, and the other followed.

    Mufasa took bacon-wrapped shrimp from the silver plate and ate it. ”You don’t know what you miss, I am delicious… So are these shrimps,” he said with a full mouth, he savoured the smoked and salted flavour of the bacon and the tender meat of the crustaceous. Followed by a sip of the whisky. ”Hmm, they don’t know what they miss,” he repeated to himself once more, meanwhile is eyes darted around the room looking for things to do.

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    A Political Intrige  Empty Re: A Political Intrige

    Post by Godlike Frederik 22nd December 2020, 2:43 am

    If one would be of small stature, then a ballroom such as this would make you feel plain in comparison.
    From above chandeliers spiraled down from the arching ceiling, illuminating the glimmering golden Corinthian columns, which stood tall along the side of the room. Not just the room reflected the grand glamour of the party, but the guests were also donned in the same extravagance. From green top hats to gorgeous gowns. Yet even though the women glittered like the chandeliers themselves, no one sparkled more than a jewelry box than the stranger who just entered the room.

    Flamboyant like the pharaoh's of old, he threw open the doors and proclaimed his name. Mufasa. But despite his entrance, he did not turn many heads. The loud music and chatter all around made sure only those close enough noticed the energetic stranger. But they only gave him a momentary glance before turning back to their cohorts. Honestly, their reaction to Mufasa wasn't as much of a surprise, considering he entered a room full of self-important politicians and influencers. So why would they even bat an eye for some treasure-chest clad man?

    Speaking of self-importance. Dahau was also attending the over-the-top gala and gathered around himself some of the more noticeably important people in the room. The local commissioner, captain of the guard, and the mayor with his obviously blond bombshell of an assistant. Each of them an important figurehead in the town, and each of them needed to be swayed if Dahau wanted to increase his guild's influence over this area.
    Surprisingly enough, he didn't have to hide who he was here. Like the captain and other military men, Dahau wore a formal military suit, with a wide variety of medals pinned on it. From his back was a large black cloak, which boldly showed the insignia of his guild, Errings Rising. A dark guild, which under normal circumstances he would have kept hidden. However in a neutral town, in a room full of lobbyists and political players it didn't really matter which party you aligned with. As long as you could be of use to these people, you were more than welcome.

    Dahau, just like most of the others, hadn't noticed Mufasa enter the room and slowly circling around for something to do. Instead, he was engaged in a conversation where he tried to sell the idea of Errings Rising to the local leaders.
    'And why would we just so blatantly accept the presence of your guild in our town?' inquired the Captain bluntly. 'Indeed' continued the Commissioner 'Having you guys put up a guild here probably gets us in trouble with the Council back in Era.'

    'Oh please' responded Dahau with a raised eyebrow. 'We all know the Council doesn't really care about this place. Besides claiming a large portion from the output of your etherano mines, what has the Council and their so self-righteous legal guilds really done for you? They leave you to your own devices and only respond to local problems when you put out an official request. And even then it takes weeks or even months for one of the guilds to respond.'
    'That might be true' replied the captain 'but that doesn't answer my question. Why should we accept Errings Rising and not a squadron of Rune Knights to help us keep the peace?' Dahau turns towards the captain who gave him a stern look in return. The captain was a true military man, large as a bear, a thick mustache and most importantly. Overly practical. This means he was only testing Dahau until he got something out of the deal.


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