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    Black Death, White Death. Tomato, Tomato... [White Death 100-Year | Mura & Ruvel]

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

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    Black Death, White Death. Tomato, Tomato... [White Death 100-Year | Mura & Ruvel] Empty Black Death, White Death. Tomato, Tomato... [White Death 100-Year | Mura & Ruvel]

    Post by Mura Kensho 4th December 2018, 12:23 pm

    Job Info:
    Oh god… this was truly a disaster that many areas around Fiore could feel. When one location’s ecosystem was drastically changing, it didn’t take long until other places nearby followed suit due to either the directions of the winds carrying the temperatures or the cause of such a devastating change in nature that crawled across the usually still-staying landscape of Desierto, the land of sand and sun. Any far-travelling wizard must’ve been crossing Desierto at least once or twice, because its geographic position was around the middle of Earthland - boarding countries such as Joya, Bellum and Minstrel. Heck, even Sin wasn’t far away from the fastland of the sultan’s kingdom, and if you overread the situation, its direction would also affect countries that were laying on the western quadrant. You see, this incident wasn’t random; it was the outcome of a failed attempt at returning life to the sands that had caused a change from heat and sunlight to icy blizzards and rushing rainfall over the western half of Desierto. It was a destructive change that affected many countries, and what the hell; even folks in Midi, which was a fair stretch away from Desierto, was feeling a change in the weather in these late months of the year.

    Because that the people of Desierto were adapted to a harsh, dry, hot weather, this cold weather pissed off a large bunch of the population. The villages on the western land weren’t used to the cold, and many began falling to sickness and catching colds way too quickly. If you looked at it, they had been living under the unforgiving sun for a millennium or more - their lifestyle, their food, their infrastructure, even their clothes were specifically designed to compliment the hot air and the burning sunlight. This was just too much of a change at a too fast pace, just because of some experimental failure. That truly spoke up about the fragility and devastating potential of such projects. People just wanted life to be restored the sandy death sea called deserts in the western parts of Desierto, but nobody could live under these circumstances.

    That was why Mura Kensho accepted this quest. It was a countrywide danger and threat, and if nobody did enough to stop it, then the entire future of Desierto might’ve been compromised. Innately, he wouldn’t want such a tragedy to happen - also, just in case if you’d forget later, the main reason why they hired high-ranked wizards for this was due to strange sightings and discoveries in the icy desert parts. Frozen footprints the size of large airships were left in the ground… it was apparent that a large creature - and by large, we were talking colossally large, abnormally large - was roaming the cold region, undoubtedly connected to the sudden blizzard ecosystem. Like, really, the western Desierto was Earthland’s equivalent of the Silent Glaciers of Fiore. Therefore, they thought that said giant was the cause of it, and thus it was up to powerful wizards to deal with it.

    It had been a while since Mura was in Desierto last time - way back at his younger days as a B-Ranked Mage with his shamaness role model was probably the latest date of his presence there. A lot of previous knowledge about the surroundings, specifically the locations of ruins and cities, was blurred given the conditions back then; the sandstorms were likely as annoying to him as any blizzard would be. He decided to not take a jacket with him or anything extra on top of his Toad Sage gi… it felt as if the situation could be handled if he pulled himself together, and if such a result took place, then the entire ecosystem would turn back to normal… somehow. He still didn’t figure out how exactly, but he felt that taking a jacket with him would prove inefficient. Besides, he could spawn a cloak of iron to protect himself from the harsh weather, anyway, so…

    “White Death, huh… that’s what they call it?” Kyuken asked out in deep thought, “It reminds me… we had words of a samurai back in my days having the same epithet.”
    “Let me guess; white-skinned and deadly.”
    “I… I actually don’t know for sure, I never got to face him. He was rumored to be able to annihilate an entire squadron in one swing with his daisho combination.”
    “What’s a daisho combination?”
    “It’s a dual-bladed formation. You have an ordinary katana or ninjaken accompanied by a shorter version, mostly dagger-size of the same sword… I used to wield the same style. I really miss it.”
    “Well, as a ghost, you miss a lot of things… just be glad that you’re able to do it once in a while through him.”

    The dragon ghost pointed his nose at the duck-tailed shaman who was sitting in a cross-legged position, crossing clouds on a floating rock. This time, he didn’t bother walking all the way - no way in hell, he was flying this time! Just ‘cause! “I mean… we could always try and find a way to revive you,” the shaman suddenly began suggesting. He had seen resurrection at first hand (at himself), so it was a possibility. However, the 600-year old samurai ghost had other plans as he quickly stopped Mura from continuing to convince him: “N-No! No, no, no! I’m fine, I’m totally fine with how I am now, hehehe…!” Despite trying his best, Kyuken came out as a tad awkward, and Mura knew very well why he favored the life… well, the ‘un-life’ of a ghost. Nobody could see him eye your panties.

    From up here, Mura could clearly see the sudden collision of warm, sandy nature and white with a bluish, cold, wet climate. From his flying direction, the collision was horizontal with blizzards at the bottom and desert at the top. Air began to grow colder, making a landing necessary for Mura to catch his breath again. When it grew cold, the air tended to get heavier, and thus he was having a bit of a breathing problem up here.

    His large rock landed on the… well, frozen sand particles. Yup, this was the clashing point of the two seas - one of desert, and one of snow and ice. Just what went wrong for ice to spawn instead of plant life? It was more than likely the intended result of some monster out there, just as the client estimated… from now on, he probably had to work on what he knew already and wander into the dangerous region that didn’t promise any real sense of direction anymore. Now that the view was white and icy, who knew where he would find himself the next moment…

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    Deceiving Spiritual Light

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    Black Death, White Death. Tomato, Tomato... [White Death 100-Year | Mura & Ruvel] Empty Re: Black Death, White Death. Tomato, Tomato... [White Death 100-Year | Mura & Ruvel]

    Post by Ruvel 11th April 2019, 7:55 am

    Ruvel || H-Rank || Onyx Moon
    Word Count : 1,865
    Notes : @Mura Kensho

    Black Death, White Death. Tomato, Tomato

    It had been only a few months since the young blonde mages first and then last visit to the desert kingdom of Desierto. He had taken a job with a Black Rose mage by the name of Kiru had he knew then what he knew now he would have kept his distance as it had come to light that Black Rose had a secret side that they wished no one to know about. Normally this fact wouldn't have bothered him as his own guild had a secret side that they kept from the eyes of the outside world but they didn't do the kind of things that the now disbanded and disgraced guild of Black Rose had. They were loan sharks and smugglers amongst other things. Their were two things that really caught everyone off guard when they came to light, the first was that they entered into a secret alliance with the former dark guild known as Basilisk Fang, the dark guild that had shed its cloak of shadow and daggers of speed to work out in the open as nuclear terrorists hellbent on destroying the world and remaking it how they wanted or so he had been informed. The second and most surprising in his opinion was the fact that they believed the magic council corrupt and wanted to destroy it, the reason this surprised him the most was that the fallen guild had several wizard saints and rising stars within their ranks over the years. He knew that at the time this came to light they had two god of ishgar and three wizard saints. The thought of what could have happened if someone didn't leek the information made his skin crawl, it was pure insanity as the moment they made their attack they should have known that they would have lost their positions and their guild would have been reclassified as a dark guild.

    That was all insignificant now, the higher guild members who had likely been the ones who had orchestrated this whole thing seemed to have fled and their current whereabouts unknown, the guild was later disbanded but not before the guildhall seemed have mysteriously exploded. What had happened there was said to have been arson, rumour had it that they were trying to hide any evidence or wrong doing but it was said several people had been caught in the blast. The information however about that was spotty at best and he wasn't known to be one who put much stock in idle chatter but this had caught his attention. He wanted to get a bit more information on the facts before making a decision one way or the other, the only issue was to do that he would have to find a former member of the disbanded guild and the members seemed to have made themselves all but scarce which was more than a little frustrating to the youth.

    It was thinking on that previous visit that he remembered the woe of the village that himself and Kiru both had helped in the past, the sun had become unbearable for those who were natives to the land and it gave him cause for concern. It had been something that he had put to the back of his mind due to so many issues happening in his own life and now not only having to deal with clients but the business as a whole, the continent they ran and called home, the guild and then there was his support structure that was quickly chipped a way leaving the youth on the verge of a break down as he felt like he was that child again that had been taken to the facility after watching those he cared for being murdered in front of him. He understood that they had their own paths that they had to take but it didn't make this any easier when he didn't feel ready for such a large responsibility, still he didn't allow the cracks to show in public, it would do nothing but have his abilities called into question and that was something that he couldn't afford to let happen.

    He looked up as his door was knocked upon and blinked for a long few seconds before sighing, to be perfectly honest he just wanted to be left alone but given his job title that was never going to happen and her knew it "Enter." he said sitting up straight watching as his elder brother's former receptionist came in holding a piece of paper making the youth blink "You know I can't, please tell me." his eyes looked to the side, he felt so ashamed that he could read, he had started taking lessons but with his schedule the lessons had been spotty at best. "Sorry Ruvel, I forgot." she said feeling sad that he had been placed in such a position, she didn't know much about her now employer but she was sure he didn't need all this responsibility on his shoulders. She was sure eventually it would take his toll and he would break if not shut down under the pressure, for now he seemed to be handling it just fine but given the little she had observed he was much like Cirven and kept his emotions to his chest masking them with what the world expected to see. "There is an issue in Desierto, it seems like the heat is getting worse." she said bringing the flyer to her chest almost as if hugging it "Many think the cause is not natural so the sultan has sent out a task to mage guilds asking them to investigate." she explained wondering if he would take it or tell her just to add it to the job board for another member to take.

    Ruvel studied the elder woman for a few moments before placing his hands on the edge of the desk "There is more, I can't make an accurate assessment if I don't have all the details." he said watching as she nodded confirming there was indeed more to this job "They tried to play god and now they've disrupted the balance. The desert is under a blanket of darkness, torrential rain and blizzards..." she explained before pausing to bite her lip "There is also wailing heard and no one knows the cause." she finished, he blinked quietly going all the information he had been told, he couldn't believe how foolish people were to believe they could mess with the natural order but here he was listening to the outcome of that misplaced egotistical superbia. "I will go deal with this, please make sure the company, guild and continent are left unharmed in my absence." he said as he stood walking towards the door, it wasn't that he didn't trust the vice presidents... well in truth he didn't fully Sol more so than Adalinda but they could both be hot heads and stubborn when the right buttons were pushed and he didn't want to deal with the aftermath of whatever might happen in his absence.

    Walking out of his office he went into the elevator. "Ground floor." he said his voice calm, he could already feel the headache coming. In a few seconds passed and he was where he wanted to be without a word he headed towards the front door. He was greeted a few times as he headed towards his destination to which he gave a smile and nod in return, normally he would have called for Bennu but given the strange weather and unknown force in the desert he didn't want to put the young phoenix in any danger so headed towards the docks. Getting to the gangway he needed to pause not wanting to get on but it was his only way to Desierto without his summon and so just got on without much of a fuss. It still surprised the crew that he didn't go to his cabin but instead found a spot out of the way to sit down and call his own. Before long the ship had set off and with the help of wind and water mages the journey seemed to go quickly without to much issue their had been an attack or two along the way but had been quickly dealt with and the pirates handed in at the closest town to the city with the stolen cargo. There were a few things of value so took had notes taken of what the company would be willing to buy and who he would need to contact when he got home, this of course set them back a little but that didn't bother him all that much as it made travelling on the sea a little better for everyone.

    As they approached he could tell the difference in weather, it got colder instantly the water becoming unbelievably choppy under the ship. He could only imagine how this was affecting those who called this place home, they wouldn't have been use to the colder weather and so not equipped to the extreme change in weather. As quick as the ship he was docked he ran off allowing the crew to do as was needed, his eyes went around seeing all the sick, needy and starving people. His heart broke seeing it but luckily he had made sure to bring supplies with him just in case, he had a feeling when he had told the issue that they would be needed. He start to look around to see if he could find out some information because he was sure there was more to it. It was then he heard the voice of someone that seemed familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it at first but turned towards the voices, only to hear the topic of resurrection "I wouldn't do that Mr. Kensho, it quickly upsets reapers meaning they aim for those who disrupt the natural cycle of life and death." he said calmly approaching glad to see the spiritual samurai was at least had more sense than the shaman in question, he knew this first hand as he had, had to have had this argument with Oykai once when he got Sato's soul from him.

    Stopping beside them he placed his hand to his chest and bowed just a little before standing up "A pleasure to see you again Mr. Kensho..." his eyes going over the horizon part of him feeling like he was in a sauna while the other felt like it was in the silent glaciers again "Is there any information you could give me?" he asked, he could have sent his 'big sister' but she wasn't equipped to deal with the cold weather, he made a note to make her some warmer clothing as soon as he could for times they went to colder climates than was normal "This really isn't good, working together we could give people back their livelihoods and prevent more getting sick because of the foolish actions of others..." he said his eye not moving from the scene before them "What do you think?" he asked allowing the final decision to be the allied mages.

    <~~~~~"Even the light has darkness if you look close enough."~~~~~>

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