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    Adults, so easily manipulated...[social w/Sami]


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    Adults, so easily manipulated...[social w/Sami] Empty Adults, so easily manipulated...[social w/Sami]

    Post by Brynn 2nd June 2018, 7:02 pm

    Akily was sitting on top of a building in the city called "Hargeon." She knew that the city was known for its life around the ocean. It was quite a beautiful place, although destroyed. She thought it was beautiful on how the light touched the water. It made it sparkle with beauty as Akily waited for her target. She was ordered the other day to gain info from other guilds. Lamia Scale was on that list of ones to get info on. A good bit ago, before Akily was in the guild, Basilisk Fang and Lamia Scale fought in a battle. It was long and rough from what Akily heard but the end of that tussle is unknown to most anyone who's heard of it. Only those who were in that fight knew what happened. So, Akily decided that it was time for her to figure things out about the guild they fought. If anything, she would love to destroy the lives of the people who killed monsters produced by the Universe Spirit. They had no right to kill all of those creatures for their own personal exploitation. It was wrong and was the reason why she hated so many adults. Adults started this guild, and hopefully, with the info gained, she could destroy it.

    It was hard deciding on which member in the guild to gather info from, but in the end, she found one. The file in her hands described the life of Samira Nessar. She expected this person to be easily tricked by the youth of Akily, which would make things easier for her. This woman was apparently the ace of the guild and had an interesting history. However, Akily couldn't read too much of it since she had a mission to do. She remembered reading through the file and seeing her most frequented place was a restaurant called "Hibiscus." It was an odd name for a restaurant by the ocean, but it wasn't a matter to her. The only matter she had to get to was receiving info from the ace herself.

    After a few moments in thought, she saw as her target was in sight. She was walking towards the restaurant and seemed to be normal. She didn't look like that powerful of a mage, but as Samira got closer, immense strength flowed through her. Surprised, Akily slowly backed away but remembered that this was her job and she couldn't back away from it. She knew the Universe Spirit would be extremely unhappy with her for doing this. So, she stepped up to the edge near the ally and jumped off of it. As she was falling, she opened up her umbrella as it allowed her to float down with ease. It only took her a few seconds to cover up guild mark, which meant that she was completely able to communicate with the Lamia Scale member.

    She walked into the line of people going down the street and blended into them. As she saw the woman walking by, Akily pulled up to her and yelled with fake excitement, "Oh my gosh! Are you Samira? I'm almost positive I saw you in the latest Sorcerer's Magazine publish! Is it true you're ranked Y rank?" Akily made sure that the woman wouldn't see past her lies of enthusiasm and really played the part of an excited child. After the barrage of questions, Akily said to Sami, "What's Lamia like? Can you give me an exclusive, please! I want to be in Lamia Scale when I grow up and you're the reason why! So, please please please tell me about the guild."


    Adults, so easily manipulated...[social w/Sami] 3UHCyoD

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    Adults, so easily manipulated...[social w/Sami] Empty Re: Adults, so easily manipulated...[social w/Sami]

    Post by Samira Nassar 3rd June 2018, 7:25 am

    It was that time again. A routine check up on how the restaurant named Hibiscus was doing. The place was not her own, of course. Running a business was far out of her league and not one of her interests. She also did not have the time to attend to the constant issues running a restaurant would have. The reason for the routine check ups was because a dear friend of hers in the past had owned it. That friend had gone missing some time ago, and the business ownership had gone to a couple of trusted employees that took care of things even before the absence. Originally Samira felt it was the last tie she had so she would commonly go and see how business was doing, what was new, and maybe see if there was any kind of word or news of its past owner. Mostly the latter if she was honest with herself. Always nothing, which was often depressing. Now that much time had passed, she made the trips with a smile on her face in order to see the restaurant staff that had become friends. Not much thought went into whether there was any news of the missing friend or not. She had moved on for the most part, and was trying to continue life as she would have normally.

    Samira walked the streets of Hargeon, humming a soft tune while trying to ignore the chatter of the spirits that enjoyed spending time in her mind. Everyone else that passed her also went ignored. She was a determined one and had a destination to get to. A small green carry bag was over her shoulder with the purpose of filling it with some free snacks and sweets from the Hibiscus staff. Not only for herself, but also for the many spirits that would get quite annoyed if the trip was interrupted. None of them had predicted anything of the sort, and there certainly were no predictions of a nefarious child wanting to try and take advantage of the Lamia Scale Ace. Even less predictions of a member of Basilisk Fang showing up back in Hargeon. The summoner herself was not a member of Lamia Scale back when the attack by that guild had occurred, although she had heard about it. In all of her time since joining she had never even seen anyone from the dark guild. For all she knew they were long gone and dead.

    Unfortunately for the spirits that desired sweets and treats from the restaurant, there would be a small delay in the plans. Samira had neared her destination when she heard an overly excited child shout her name. The green orbs on her face looked at the girl, blinking in wide eyed confusion and surprise. Then the unknown girl proceeded to bring up Sorcerer's Magazine and the coverage that it had on her. The summoner frowned and turned her gaze to the side. Oh... right. That was a thing, wasn't it? The awkwardness and embarrassment of the interview had almost left her mind. They really should have interviewed someone else. Weren't there other mages with that sort of magical capacity out there? Her gaze fixated back on the child and she forced a small smile. "I am Samira, yes. It is also true that I was in the magazine for reaching such a rank. Surely there are others though."

    More confused blinks as what Lamia Scale was like had been asked. Then the summoner's eyes went completely blank as a sweatdrop formed at the side of her head with the statement that followed. She had wanted to join Lamia Scale when she got older because of her. Flashbacks of everything she had gone through since joining the guild rushed through her mind and she could only laugh awkwardly. She probably wasn't the best face for Lamia Scale. Actually, was the guild one that could even be recommended for a child to look forward to? Probably... not.

    'This cute thing is keeping us from our snacks. Can I eat it instead?'

    'You cannot eat children, Kuku. You wait for them to grow up and then you eat them. It is fine by that point.'

    'Ama! That's terrible!'

    'I am only teasing. But I agree with Kuku. This interruption does not amuse me. I desire to try this week's new flavor of cookie.'

    'Wow, for once I'm not being the jackass here. Lets slow things down a bit and relish this moment. The meeting between Samira and her first biggest brat. Er, I mean fan. Yes. Biggest number one fan.'

    'We can all enjoy this moment after we have obtained those goodies. Come now, dear summoner, chop chop as they say.'

    "You are all selfish." Samira muttered, the reply meant for the spirits but was made vocally and likely could be heard by the child that was standing there eagerly waiting for an answer. "Well..." Samira went back to giving the girl her full attention. She tapped her cheek in thought. What was she supposed to say in answer? Such a thing could have easily been found in a book or magazine. It wasn't as if basic information about the guild was hard to come by. "What exactly is it that you want to know most about?" She knelt down and forward a bit to get on the girl's eye level, smiling warmly. Samira was a sucker for children and was thus far none the wiser to the true intent. An innocent answer to her question was what she expected.

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    Later Edit:

    Samira's iLac started to ring a few seconds after her question. After checking it, she apologized to the girl and said that she had to go take care of some guild related matter. She was an Ace after all so it couldn't very well go ignored. The advisement that she could visit the guild at some point with her parents was given just before the summoner began to walk away and towards the Lamia Scale guild hall.


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