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    The child that broke a window! {Intro}

    Silvanus Argyris

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    The child that broke a window! {Intro}

    Post by Silvanus Argyris on 11th August 2017, 12:57 am

    Silvanus Argyris ⚙ Basilisk Fang ⚙ D-rank

    Silvanus had been playing around with his soccer ball and running all about, carelessly bouncing the ball off of dead trees, animals, people, or pretty much anything that was in his site at the time. This had been going on for days and miles of land have been walked by a child. Normally a kid his age could be scared of things trying to attack him at night time or being to far away from home. But he couldn't care at the lest about any of those things, because he was taken in by a family when Silvanus was still just a baby a while back. So he never really grew a bond to those that raised him because he didn't know how to. They were far from the best kind of people, after all they just let someone or something take the one person that he did form a bond with unknowingly. An that person was the one that he called his older brother and hanged out with him all the time. Not that he really wanted a home or family at that moment anyway, little did he know that Silvanus might have a chance to gain both of them at once this very same day. Silvanus had kicked the soccer ball of his once more, but this time it had bounced off something large and came flying back with good amount of speed.

    Ahhh! Silvanus screamed as he had just bearly dodge the ball in time for it not impact him in the face.

    Silvanus quickly ran over to recover his soccer ball, then started juggling it with his feet as he made his way back over to see what he had hit with the ball earlier. His eyes grew big when he show this large castle looking thing before him. This was the first time he had seen something with tall walls that are almost all nothing on it other then a few high windows. Silvanus thinks to him self that this would be a prefect place to do some practice with kicking the soccer ball and counter strikes with speed. So for at lest two days or more, Silvanus had been kicking and counter striking the ball against the castle's wall over and over. Then due to growing a bit tried he had made a sloppy counter strike and the ball unlucky when flying straight up into one of the few windows up high on the castle.

    Aw! Silvanus said loudly with a sight following shortly be hide it.

    Guess I have to go find it now. He began to pout but he knew it was his on fault for not stopping to rest but would never tell anyone that. As Silvanis is a child himself and they always believe nothing is ever their own fault.

    Silvanus walks towards the giant door an starts to try to open them by pushing, those he struggles to get them open even just a little bit. So he pounds his own head against the doors while trying to think of a way to open them. Those he does lack the upper strength of his body due to being still pretty young and the fact that soccer is based more on lower body strength and stamina. An idea of using his to open the doors before him had formed and Silvanus was very sure that this would work. He backs up some to get a running start and then races up to door, not to strike just yet he had ran up them to preform a wall jump. Then as he boosts off of the doors with a jump starts spinning quickly while be able to glade by towards the doors. Then he lands quite a few powerful kicking strikes at the doors that forced them open, the doors had slammed open as he was falling back down to the ground. Silvanus could see a quite a few people huddled near the sides of the walls of the castle were a dim flame was placed above each table. But it wasn't like he cared who they were or why they were there at that time. All he knew is that his soccer ball was some where inside this castle and that he was going to find it. So that he can return to playing an practicing outside of this same castle. He entered without saying a word to those people that he has seen and is sure they see him.

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    Word Count;; 750
    OOC;; This is where my character starts to be noticed by people as something other then just another small child.

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    Re: The child that broke a window! {Intro}

    Post by Sol on 13th August 2017, 2:25 pm

    The activity inside the guild was what it was most days, people passing information or trying to stay warm while looking at the job board up in the rafters the ace of the guild lurked since he didn’t like to be around the others most of the time, however his nap came to a sudden halt when a ball suddenly crashed thru one of the windows and in fraction of a second a shadowy claw bolted from the shadows and took the ball before pulling it into a shadow portal. Before any mass amount of cold air could get into the guild a mass of liquid poison was expelled from the shadows and struck the hole and then hardened before becoming as had as rock.

    Sol growled as he awoke and his red eyes show great annoyance of being awakened from his nap so early. Upon hearing the doors open he narrowed his eyes and a young child stepped inside and the shadow dragon suddenly formed shadow claws and made the doors slam shut.”a child decided to wander into such a place I don’t know if your really brave or really dumb” the dragon hissed from the shadows since he was not in physical form but he was still high in the rafters and if one looked up you could see two large red slitted eyes peering down at them.

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    Re: The child that broke a window! {Intro}

    Post by FeitanKazeshini on 14th August 2017, 11:51 pm

    Feitan was inside of the guildhall being that it was his home now. He was sitting in the guildhall, more akin to sitting in the rafters. This was where he liked to sit, it was a place where he could be one with his madness. It also made the few people who liked to throw things at him while he was playing his flute think again. That last point of fact mostly being a part of the knowledge that should they miss and hit someone else it would be a fight on hand.

    Today Feitan wasn’t playing his flute however, he was sitting in the rafters polishing the blade that he kept hidden inside of the umbrella he had that was a memento of his former home. As he was sharpening it, and making sure it could shave a spider if he wanted. He was distracted from his task by the sound of glass breaking. Snapping his gaze up he got into place crouching on the rafter he was sitting on and he held his blade ready to go.

    That was when he saw the youth coming in seemingly oblivious to his plight. This caused Feitan to raise his eyebrow and he smirked. He heard Sol’s voice and he chuckled ever so softly speaking so only the dragon slayer could hear him “Perhaps he is more of a madman than I am.” He started to laugh at his own joke knowing that there was no one madder than he was. Sitting on the rafter with his legs dangling over the side of his perch. He wanted to watch the excitement from his bird’s eye view.

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