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    Post by Jozuma 7th May 2017, 10:23 am

    Jozuma arrived in Bellum to meet with his client. The city was bustling with activity. Jozuma made his way through the city following the instructions he was given by the client before come in across with the job's subject matter at hand, slaves. He saw a line of chained people of different ages being pulled by horses. This lit a flame of anger in Jozuma, even amungst the assasins of his old guild slavery was viewed as disgusting and often a fate worst that death. Jozuma felt would feel remorse killing a slave owner but he didn't feel like this job would involve that and he didn't want to cause an uproar in the city taking those sort of actions there and then so he reluctantly continued to search for the client's home. When he arrived he knocked on the door a it opened revealing a woman behind it. She whispered to Jozuma. "You're here, good come in quickly." Jozuma walked in the house and followed her to the living room where a man was sitting at a table. He and the woman sat at the table and the briefing began. "Thank you for coming all the way here, I apologize for the secrecy but that is a very sensitive matter here." "Our daughter, she wasn't born with magic and was taken in to the slave trade a few days ago and we fear she'll be sold off soon." "We need you save her by any means necessary." Jozuma was still a little ticked off from earlier and was trying very hard to prevent an outburst. "You're a wealthy family aren't you so why don't you speak put against this or go buy her back yourself." "Slavery is embedded in Bellum, it's the core of its economy we can't possibly speak against it without being branded as traitors so we decided to leave to another country which is why we can't just simply buy her back as buying slaves is looked down upon there." "For good reason sigh well I'm not one to simply abandon a child in need so consider it done. Get your moving preparations ready and I'll meet with you at the docks with your daughter." Jozuma got up a left the his clients' home. Jozuma follows a another line of slaves to the auction area where they were all held and being sold. The were a lot of very powerful mages in the area so Jozuma made sure to keep out of there sight. "Particle Dispersal." Jozuma spread out the particles in his body becoming invisible and walked past the wizard guards into the cage area where he found the girl. "Hey." He got the girls attention. "I'm going to get you out okay." The girl nodded. Jozuma electrified his hand and burned off the lock and took the girl by the arm. They snuck around the back together and bolted towards the docks. "MOMA, PAPA!" The girl was has happy at the sight of her parents and ran towards them. The parents "Thank you so much, you're a life saver. We'll hurry out of this place now thanks again." "Part of the job, be safe now." The family left together and Jozuma started taking his leave of Bellum.
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