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    Escort on a train (Job, private, solo)


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    Escort on a train (Job, private, solo) Empty Escort on a train (Job, private, solo)

    Post by FeitanKazeshini 24th June 2016, 7:44 am

    Feitan groaned loudly in annoyance as he shook his head walking towards the Train Station. He wasn’t sure why he would bother with this particular job, but there wasn’t much he could really do about it. A member of Laughing Coffin had to simply get a job that would pay and they would do it no matter how ridiculous that job may or may not be. So here he was meeting a couple at a train station. The couple he was meeting was relatively normal aside from the fact that the man had a blindfold over his eyes. Why there was such a thing he simply raised his eyebrow and moved to greet them. 

    The woman smiled at him nodding her head in a greeting “Oh thank goodness you’ve arrived. I was worried about the train having to leave before you got here. I need you to drag my husband onto the train. You’ll need to keep him on it, and make sure he reaches his destination. Just don’t let him get hurt through his career and future depends on it. I’m willing to pay you money to do this. Please get him to the destination.”

    Feitan looked to the man who tilted his head in confusion as he tried to understand what was happening. Still he simply shrugged his shoulder once more and spoke “Alright. I shall indeed do that.” He grabbed the man and started to drag him towards the train station. The moment they started to get close to the building the man screamed and began to kick and attack Feitan. When he hit the wizard Feitan’s eyes went wide with rage and he huffed pulling the collar on his shirt letting it grow into the scarf once again.

    He made the scarf turn into a pair of giant hands and grabbed the man as tightly as he could. He then pressed his hands together and created his aura wires wrapping these around the man constricting any other part of him that was not wrapped in his scarf. Now with his charge wrapped around tightly he dragged the man into the station and towards a train that was also boarding up and they boarded as well. It didn’t take long for them to find a seat in a private car seeing as their tickets were indeed for a private car. Once seated he held the man down in his seat sighing as he looked to the man with a great annoyance “You are a foolish pathetic weakling. The least you could do is man up and act properly. How you got a wife to put up with you and your pathetic bullshit is beyond me, but I should do her a favor and slaughter you right here so she can move on and get a real man. Thankfully for you however, I am being paid for this job and that means that I have to get you wherever you are trying to go, without any other such thing. Now just shut up and quit squirming around!”

    Right now he sat down and kept a glaring eye on the man he was holding, but there wasn’t anything that he was going to be able to do. The scarf hands were almost enough to constrict his entire body, and what little bit they weren’t holding was being wrapped in his aura wires. It was a pretty simple thing to hold him down, and he was a very weak little human being as well, and he couldn’t understand why he was trying so hard to actually get away from him, and getting off of the train. There was no point to try and understand someone as stupid as this human who was in his way. There was really no point in even bothering with all of this and the only reason that Feitan agreed was because there was money being paid to him. As a member of Laughing Coffin all that mattered was the fact that jewels were on offer and they were hooked and would take on any job that they were offered. 

    It didn’t take all that long to arrive at the location in question and once more Feitan carried him off of the train and onto the station platform where he would be able to be let go. He carefully let his aura wires go making sure that he hadn’t hurt his charge. With a quick once over he stopped and simply let the hands drop the man now that they were far away from the station and as soon as he dropped the man he smiled at him “Thank you so much! I am so glad you helped me! Now here is your payment.” He handed Feitan the jewels he had been promised. 

    With the Jewels in hand Feitan rolled his eyes and shook his head as he left the man alone heading back to get on with his life, and keep away from this maniac and his crazy wife as well.


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