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    Escort on a Train (Job/Solo)


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    Escort on a Train (Job/Solo) Empty Escort on a Train (Job/Solo)

    Post by Mina 27th March 2016, 1:14 am

    Another day and yet another boring task that she had taken on just to maintain some sort of rep amongst the people handing out the jobs. The job request was from a wife who had spent nearly all of her savings to make sure that her coward of a husband would be able to make it to a very important business meeting in the town of Hargeon that would determine whether or not he would become a full on partner with his boss’s business. The problem was that the man had a deathly fear of trains and the fastest way to get to the Hargeon from Magnolia was by train. Any other forms of transportation would cause the man to miss the meeting and possibly lose any chance he had at truly providing for his family, something his wife had been doing up to this point but could no longer provide.

    Mina didn’t really understand how frighten the man could be until she saw the women arriving at the station practically pulling the man with both hands. The husband appeared to have been blindfolded by the women in what Mina determined to be some meager attempt to help the man with his fear and his briefcase looked too had been tied to his back. Protests and screams echoed from the man as the wife stopped in front of Mina, her face looking of pure exhaustion. “Do whatever you can to get him to this meeting please but don’t do anything too damaging…he needs to at least look presentable on arrival.”

    “Don’t worry ma’am I’ll make sure he gets to Hargeon…one way or another.” Mina gave the now worry stricken woman a wide smile as she hoisted the now struggling man off the ground and over her shoulder. It was like she was carrying a screaming and kicking bag of potatoes but Mina didn’t care. The struggling only caused her to grip harder on the man which in turned made him scream louder. When she got to the train she handed the two tickets along with the mission statement over to the confused looking conductor that was in charge of the train before boarding, the conductor merely scuffing aside the pleas for help the business man was calling for.

    It didn’t take long for Mina to find an empty car as it seemed that no one around wanted to be sitting next to a man that was calling the very train they were on a metal deathtrap. She threw the man onto one of the benches and plopped down on the other side making sure to keep a close eye on the man. Mina almost felt sorry for the guy who was now crying and bunched into a fetal position in the wooden bench. Then again she admired the love his wife had for him too and the dedication she had to make sure that he made it safely to his destination.

    The sudden jerk of the train caught Mina off guard and caused her to look outside for a brief moment. In that time she noticed that the man had bolted from the bench and was running for the closest exit. Mina, now angry with the man, summoned forth the Kusarigama watching as the scythe and chain appeared in her hands. She twirled the weighted chain a few times before finally throwing it at the man catching him around the shoulders. She yanked on the chain and forced the man back to her watching as scooted across the floor before stopping at her feet. She placed the edge of the scythe along the throat of the man before bending over starring him directly into his frightens face. “Trust me…you may have a fear of trains but do that again and I’ll guarantee you that fear will mean nothing compared to Me.” She smiled at the man before pushing the blade a little closer. “Understand me?” The fear in his eyes was all that Mina needed to see before pulling the man up and plopping him back in the bench. “Good…now we can finally get along.”

    There wasn’t much talking between the two as the train made its way to Hargeon. It probably didn’t help that Mina didn’t trust the guy to heed her warning and so had left the guy wrapped in the weighted chain with the Kusarigama draped across her lap. When they had finally reached their destination she released the man and watched as he bolted away from the station stumbling and bumping into nearly every person on the way there. She had gotten the man to Hargeon…it was no longer her concern whether or not he made it to the meet. Though deep down she really hoped that he would.

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