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    Escort on a Train~Solo Job

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    Escort on a Train~Solo Job Empty Escort on a Train~Solo Job

    Post by Shipping Goddess 5th July 2015, 9:48 pm

    Ivy was standing at the train station happy as can be. She was taking a job that meant she could make money, and that was always good. The job was to help someone get on a train and stay there, for they have a fear of being on trains. A rediculous phobia in Ivy's opinion. If he was scared of riding automobiles Ivy would understand, but trains alone seemed very odd.

    Either way Ivy was doing this job, because she wanted a train ride as well. She liked the train, it was fun. So that was one reason she stayed out to do this job. She waited for her client, whom was taking an awful long time to reach here, but Ivy decided to wait. The wind was blowing, and the train was boarding passengers. Finally Ivy saw him- a man wearing a suit with a briefcase in hand, he also held a bright orange slip of paper in his hand signifying it was indeed him.

    Ivy stood off the bench that she was on, and ran over to him. Eager for a greeting Ivy waved her hand high. While yelling "HI THERE!" The man waved at Ivy and smiled, the kind of nervous smile one gives when they think "you can do this but I'm not really sure about it." Ivy trotted over to him, and shook his hand.

    "So you're the person that'll help me out?" Said the man, and in exchange for saying this he earned a nod from Ivy. She began to grab his hand, and drag him towards the train, but he began to mount his feet on the ground. "Woah woah woaaaah! Shouldn't you be doing something to, I dunno, get rid of the fear? I'm not getting on there just because some kid wants me to!" The man began moving backwards, and walking off. Something told Ivy that today will not be as fun as she thought it to be.

    Ivy went and stopped the man, pushing him back. [color=#cc00cc]"I can't get rid of fears. But you need to get on this train or you'll miss it! Now get on! She began pushing more forcefully, but didn't really accomplish anything. The man rolled his eyes and then began walking towards the train, just to get Ivy to stop. "THERE! YOU HAPPY? I'M GONNA GET ON THE BLOODY TRAIN, WE CAN LEAVE AND YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY!!!" the man began raging for no reason, but Ivy didn't care. She began skipping towards the train, followed by the man. The man however didn't get on the train, with an afraid look he began walking away, hoping he tricked Ivy. He didn't, and Ivy ran off the train and grabbed his sleeve.

    "I can seriously hurt you ya know. I don't wanna because I'm on a job, but in a second if you keep getting away from the train imma break some rules, and trust me you really don't want that do you? Now let's go." Ivy began walking into the train, and this time the man followed her fully, the will for not wanting to miss this train finally overpowering the will to get the hell away from it. He sat down and convieniently the train began moving, and he began shivering like it was freezing. Ivy facepalmed, and the man stood up in terror, and tried to run out into the aisle of the train, only to hit an invisible barrier.

    "I'm not letting you leave that easy!" Ivy said with a giggle, holding out her hands while holding her Angelic Wind Lockdown spell in place. It wouldn't damage him, and it would assure he isn't going to get away. A perfect spell for a job like this one. The man began pounding on the wind barrier around him, hyperventilating and completely losing all sense of sanity. Ivy, on the other hand was enjoying his terror. It filled her with glee to see him screaming and pounding and yelling "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" honestly Ivy thought this was what he gets, for giving her so much trouble.

    After a couple minutes the man gave up, and sat down and tried to enjoy the rest of the ride. The ride took a couple hours, but they made it nonetheless. The man stood up and looked down at Ivy. "Can you take the stupid thing off? Please? We need to get off the train." Ivy giggled when she heard this. "No mister, it's already gone. It's been gone for a while now. And that's how you get rid of a fear." Ivy stood up and walked off the train, and the man stood there for a second in shock, but then soon followed. He gave her the monetary reward and then walked off like he was sick.

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