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    Escort on a Train ▲ Private, Job


    Escort on a Train ▲ Private, Job Empty Escort on a Train ▲ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 29th July 2016, 10:31 am

    “Mr. Rosenwood, for the love of my jewel reward, get in!” The tanuki growled lowly, arms outstretched as she pushed forward onto the terrified man’s back, trying to get him onto the train but to no avail as he gripped onto the edge of the entrance and refused to budge, holding his place with all his might. For twenty minutes now the business man screamed and hollered, crying about not being able to step one foot into the ‘death trap of metal’, as he called it. He was so lucky his wife posted this job with the promise of jewel… Otherwise by now Kim would have shredded her husband for causing her annoyance.

    “N-No! No no i can’t! This thing is going to crash into something, or the rail is going to lead to a dead end, or… O-or worse!” Rosenwood continued to shout, his grip upon the metal edges only tightening as he listed off the worst possible outcomes.
    Kim, though unbalanced, added one of her legs to push onto his back, causing him to cave slightly inward.
    “No no no no no no no! Please! I’ll just take a cab! Or the bus! Just anything but a train!” The train made a screeching noise as the whistle to signal its departure sounded, causing the man to jump back, losing his grip and landing upon his backside. Kim stepped back to avoid his landing and watched him rub his back painfully, crossing her arms over her chest and sighing. What an idiot. Trains weren’t going to harm him in any way. There were much more terrifying things to be scared of.
    Like water. She closed her eyes as she shivered, remembering the time Ayato had pushed her into the tribe’s river, almost making her drown before Shika jumped in to save her… Damn Ayato. Damn water.
    Blinking open olive optics she stared at the man, tears streaming down his red face as he cowered in fear, curled up into a small ball. The witch rolled her eyes, clicking her tongue. She didn’t have time for this… The big guns needed to be used.

    A pink glow surrounded the sobbing mess of a man, lifting him off of the ground gently. He was shocked at first, a pile of confused noises emitting from his mouth as he floated into the air. But soon after he spotted Kim, arm forward as it glowed with the same bright light he was currently held in, he began whimpering again, talking through his sobs about how this girl was going to kill him.
    His voice was beginning to irritate her too… She placed her free hand upon her forehead, rubbing it with two fingers as she could feel painful throbs nudge at the edge of her skull, a pink eyebrow twitching. It was so damn noisy in here, from Rosenwood’s cries to the train settling on its breaks. She had forgotten how crazy civilization was.
    Bringing the man in front of her she looked down upon him, long ears flopping to the sides of her head.
    “I’m not sorry for this” opening her mouth and breathing upon him ice flowed from her breath and began to form around his body, freezing him almost instantly. He was frozen solid.
    Rabbit ears perking upward she smiled, taking in the sweet nonexistent of his voice. She should have done this sooner. It would have saved a lot of heartache… Or headaches…
    Continuing to use her telekinesis to lift the frozen man up Kim turned her gaze over to the train, hearing the final whistle to signal it was now leaving.
    “Yeah yeah, i hear ya” Kim waved a dismissive hand to the train as though it was a sentient being. Being sure to duck the iced man under the low entranceway she entered the train and took her seat, setting the ice block on the seat adjacent to her and releasing the telekinesis. She leaned back, her arms propped up on the seat behind her, leg crossed over the other, letting out a deep sigh. She had done it, though it had taken a while she had gotten him on the train. She would let him thaw out once they got there. But for now she would just enjoy looking out the window as they chugged along to their destination.

    Once they had arrived at the town which held Rosenwood’s meeting all it took to thaw out the man was a fireball gently being hovered around the ice before it melted. Soon afterwards he took no time in running from the tanuki, not even offering a thank you for all the work she had done. She stood at the train station, leaning against one of the poles holding up the small roof, arms crossed over her chest as she watched him shuffle towards his meeting. What an ignorant creature...

    End word count: 812

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