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    escort on a train

    Devon Sabathiel
    Devon Sabathiel

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    escort on a train Empty escort on a train

    Post by Devon Sabathiel 12th August 2015, 8:33 am


    Devon was panting heavily as she continued to run after him. The man ran as fast as he could. “No! I’m not getting on that thing.” Without uttering a word, Riley increased her speed. Within a matter of seconds, she caught up with the man. She quickly grabbed his shirt and dragged him to the train station as he kicked and screamed. "Please no! Don’t make me get on that thing.”

    This morning, Devon had taken up a job to escort a man on the train as he feared them greatly. His wife had saved up money for this very purpose. If Devon was correct, the man, who had introduced himself as  Liam, had to go for a job interview and he had to reach there by the very next day. The train was the only way of transportation, which he happened to fear. The young mage didn’t think that this job would be that difficult but turns out she was wrong. This is very difficult. She is determined to get Liam to travel on that train, but that is pretty hard as he keeps running away every time they near the train.

    “Listen to me.” Liam shut his screaming and listened to the young girl. “You have to get over this stupid fear of yours. That fear is going to ruin your entire life.” The man looked at her with a thoughtful expression before straightening his posture and looking at the black haired girl confidently. “You’re right. I have to overcome this fear.” Devon smiled at the man as he started to walk in front of her.

    Minutes later, they arrived at the train station. Devon looked at Liam, who stood there staring at the unmoving train. The young mage could see him sweating. Of course it would be hard on him. It’s never easy to overcome your fear but at least this man was trying. Maybe this job wouldn’t be that difficult. Devon stared at the ground lost in thought. The train whistled as smoke escaped the engine. “It’s time.” She looked up to see Liam gone. Her mouth was left hanging open. “Are you kidding me?” She looked around in search for a blonde man. She then spotted one running at a distance.

    “Not this again.” With that the mage darted off behind the man a second time. “GET BACK HERE!” She yelled. She earned weird looks from people around her but she did not care. Soon she caught up Liam and grabbed him before dragging him inside the train. The man was acting very childish as he begged Devon to let him get off the train. Devon knew that he would jump off the train as soon as it stops so she held onto his shirt, refusing to let go.

    Devon saw as Liam sweated and freaked out. He even got on his knees and begged for her to let him go but the black haired mage had to be heartless in this situation. She had no choice. She couldn’t let him go, especially after all that his wife had done to help his career develop. Devon decided to just ignore the man kneeled down in front of her, as she knew that she would give in eventually. Suddenly the moving train came to a halt as people walked out. Devon held onto Liam’s shirt tightly because this wasn’t their stop.

    People pushed each other to get out of the train. Sweaty bodies squished the petite girl who was desperately trying to hold onto someone. Then she felt her hand slipping. Before she could do anything she couldn’t feel the cloth anymore. She groaned. “Not again.” She then slipped past people in order to find the blonde man. Then her eyes landed on top of him. He was trying to get out of the crowd. Devon quickly took this opportunity and slipped past the rest of the crowd and grabbed him by the waist.

    She refused to let him go. Once again, she dragged him into the train before making him sit. “Why are you doing this? Give your wife some credit. She worked so hard and saved all that money just to hire a mage who would escort you. She did it because she cares about you. Running away will just prove how much you value her.” She scolded the grown man seated in front of her.

    He had a guilty expression on his face. The train’s engine roared as the vehicle started moving once again. But this time, the man did not fight. He sat there quietly with his eyes shut. A few hours later, they finally arrived at their destination. “Time to get off. “ Liam opened his eyes before smiling. “I did it.” He seemed very happy. He got up and ruffled Devon’s hair. “Thanks kiddo.” And with that he was off to build up a good career as Devon returned to Crocus city.


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