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    Escort on a train

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    Escort on a train Empty Escort on a train

    Post by Lexa Grimoire 27th December 2015, 6:49 pm


    Lexa had left Lillian home for this one as she didn't want to go through the trouble of waking her little sister up, waiting for her to finish bathing, helping her get dressed and then doing the same for herself with a task as short as this one. The job Lexa took up was a small one where an older male had a deathly fear of riding trains. His situation was that he was god awful at timing, and as a result he had a business meeting the very next day. Due to the same horrible time management, he'd been late to so many previous meetings that this one is the last straw for him. Should he miss this meeting, he'd lose his job and he hadn't enough money to pay next month's rent since he had just recently paid this month's. Adding to his list of worries, should they go homeless his wife would be taking their baby and living at one of his work partners. His fear for that is that the partner in question will do anything to get in his wife's pants aside from forcing it one her; meaning his wife has an invitation, his son has an invitation, but he personally does not. With him gone, the other man would be able to easily swoop in and muddle the woman's mind with thoughts of how useless, stupid, unreliable, and impotent her husband is. After that... it would only be a matter of time before his son would think the same, and then he'd be homeless with no family at all. His wife, not wanting to have to live with his husband's co-worker decided to send notice to the guilds asking for a mage who can provide a little nudge to get him on the train, and possibly handcuffs to keep him on it; the only rule is he wasn't allowed to be too terrible hurt, or at least not in places where the injuries would be obvious. Between the guild members, it wasn't all that hard a debate as to who the job should be assigned to. Lexa had recently taken in a small child to care for despite everyone expecting the poor girl to be dead in a month. Much to their surprise, not only was the child alive and healthy, but she was almost completely infatuated with Lexa. Her ability to be kind, combined with her contrasting reputation for being ruthless made it so she was among the best candidates to get it done.

    Upon arriving at the station, Lexa was able to spot the cowardly bastard trying to hid in a corner of the room. His nervous stature, and failed attempt at stealth was all she needed to confirm he was in fact her target. She walked up to the man and stared him right in the eyes while presenting him with a large, beaming, generous and joyous smile. He immediately knew who she was and began rambling on, saying she wasn't nearly strong enough to even begin forcing him to get on the train. Just as Lexa began to get annoyed with the man, the train pulled up and she immediately disappeared in a cloud of light. At the exact same instance she appeared behind the man with her feet pressed to the wall, both hands pressed on his back. She gave him a very powerful push, with far greater force than he'd expected and as a result literally flew into the crow boarding the train and got sucked in. While on the train he tried to force his way against the crowd, but Lexa's small hand grabbed him and pulled him into one of the seats. He tried getting up, but Lexa sat directly on top him smiling as though it were normal. 

    The whole ride, the man tried shuffling and fidgeting to get Lexa off him but found that the small, childish looking girl was considerably stronger than even he was. Towards the middle of the ride he even tried the old 'I gotta pee' excuse, knowing for a fact that the train's restroom had a window he could jump out of. Unfortunately Lexa wasn't phase and told him to go ahead and pee right where he was sitting, her voice entailed that she was serious. He was a persistent son of a bastard, as Lexa realized when he struggled even after that, all the way to the train's destination. At the end of it, he was highly relieved when Lexa stood up and said he was allowed to leave, and rushed out to the platform at the train station with not a single scratch on his body.

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