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    Escort on a train

    Azurius Tade
    Azurius Tade

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    Escort on a train Empty Escort on a train

    Post by Azurius Tade 8th January 2016, 10:51 pm


    ateri took was passing through town on her way out from Hargeon to Rose Garden, needing to grab some supplies that otherwise couldn't be obtained in the wonderful port town of Hargeon. The reason she needed to get to Rose Garden so badly was because she'd found this weird book in the restricted section of Lamia Scale Guild Hall's Grand Library. It was black mostly, with some gold accents around it. The book had a leather casing, and everywhere the name of the book or its author was supposed to be written someone had gone and scratched it off. She'd also gone through some troubles in that damned restricted section to get the book out. It was an ingenious plan really, all she had to do was take the book and toss it out the door and then jump out the same door before it could close and the two Restricted Section golem, guardian thingies could laser shot her to hell and back. Though her supposed to be short journey through Magnolia had been extended a full day by some kid who had bully problems, Kateri hadn't been stressing about it since she still had her book. Adding onto her list of stuff done in the past two days, and being pretty trapped in this damned town, Kateri wound up doing some photo shoot where she got to learn why some women hate high heels with a passion. She also helped some guy get a love letter to some famous chick he knew from his childhood, though she really didn't think anything would come of the relationship.

    Kateri was passing by Fairy Tail Guild Hall, her initial intention was to chuck a 'nade into the restrooms of the guild hall before leaving town. Doing so would mean she'd left without getting her supplies, but for the sake of messing with one of the other guilds, and getting out of this problematic town Kateri figured it would be worth the minor inconvenience. Instead of going with that plan, Kateri got suckered into doing yet another low paying job for one of this town's many helpless citizens. It was beginning to get to the point where she wondered why this place was so fucked up when it's under the protection of a magic guild. The woman was holding an infant when she ran up to Kateri, having already figured her for a mage since she didn't look like a civilian. She was asking for her help with her husband. Due to the some horrible time management, he'd been late to so many previous meetings that this one is the last straw for him. Should he miss this next upcoming meeting, he'd lose his job and the family didn't have enough money to pay next month's rent since they just recently paid this month's. Adding to the list of worries, should they go homeless she would be taking their baby and living at one of his work partners place. Her fear for that is that the partner in question will do anything to get in her including, but not limited to forcing it on her; meaning she has an invitation, her baby has an invitation, but her husband does not. The woman, not wanting to have to live with her husband's co-worker decided to send notice to the guilds asking for a mage who can provide a little nudge to get him on the train, and possibly handcuffs to keep him on it; the only rule is he wasn't allowed to be too terrible hurt, or at least not in places where the injuries would be obvious. But she hadn't received any word as of late, and it was the day before her husband had to go to the meeting so she was desperate.

    Kateri gave into the woman's pleads and followed her to her home where she established that the girl in the black cloak was spending the night. He gave no complaints with it as Kateri had already went to the living room and laid on the couch half asleep. In the morning, the sound of a gunshot in his room woke the man up. It was accompanied by Kateri shouting orders, literally taking the place of a drill sergeant and making him get up, iron his uniform, getting in the shower. While he was in the shower, Kateri was on the other side of the curtains giving him orders on how to get it done, using his shadow to tell if he was doing it or not. The woman who hired her didn't know this would happen, but wasn't exactly opposed to it as she went and started calming down her crying child. Back upstairs, Kateri even drilled the man into getting dressed properly firing a shot from her revolver at his feet every time he tried to refuse. The screaming continued right down the hall, into the kitchen, and through dinner. She pressed the gunbarrel into the man's body and took him to the train. Having 'death' be an option, the man didn't move a muscle on the ride. Kateri gave him a smile as she shoved him off the train, and told him to have fun at his conference.

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