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    Escort on a Train


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    Escort on a Train Empty Escort on a Train

    Post by Mossino 14th March 2016, 7:22 pm

    Nothel would be walking towards a train station. This would be normal until he remembers he is literally dragging someone with him. Yes, he had to take a job that required escorting someone on a train. Not so bad right? Wrong. Welp, it was, the man he had to escort had a literal phobia of trains. And he was not very cooperative. He was struggling and trying to break free at every point. This wouldn’t work for much longer, but Nothel doesn’t really want to knock him out. That would be suspicious and the man would probably be hard to carry. Nothel doesn’t want to overexert himself at all. Shaking his head, Nothel buys two tickets while holding the squirming man in place. After he takes the tickets he continues to drag the man towards the train. Thankfully not many people were out that day so he wouldn’t be drawing too many eyes. Nothel groans, literally having to use both arms to pull the man onto the train. After so, Nothel forces him into a chair, starting down at him. “Stop squirming, it’s ridiculous, it’s just a train.” The man babbles something incoherently and Nothel doesn’t bother to listen. He sits opposite of the man and crosses his legs, waiting. “We are on the train now; it won’t be long till we are done.” Nothel comments, looking out the window.

    Through a mess of some groans and moans, the man would sit in his seat for a few minutes, trying to calm himself. Nothel did not care for this job at all and really wanted it to end at this point. All he had to do was survive a three hour train ride and then it was over. That’s all that had to happen. If worse came to worse Nothel could just knock the man out and relax, waking him up as they arrived, done and done. Sadly, he would have to wait until the train atleast started for their tickets to be checked. After a failed stand and run attempt by the man, Nothel would be losing his shit waiting for the train to start. Thankfully, there is a blow by the horn, and a man comes by the chairs to check tickets before the train starts. He passes slowly, and a minute later checks their tickets. They both check out and the train starts to move. The man flips his shit as the train starts to move. What was wrong with this guy, seriously, its just a train, it is not that bad honestly. Shaking his head Nothel reaches his hand forward and puts it on his neck “Shush, now.” Using his magic, he stops the flow of blood to the brain for a second, instantly knocking him out. The man slumps over in the chair, unconscious. Thankfully, some peace and quiet, no more squirming men to distract Nothel. Oh well, now all he has to do is wait for the train to arrive and he can wake the man up and see him off. Won’t be long now only…three...long hours. Damnit, this was going to be boring, all Nothel had were his thoughts to entertain himself. He wonders what job he will do next, probably something with fighting If he could manage it. Hell maybe after this he will treat himself and go out to a café or something, get a sweet drink. That would be nice to be honest, a relaxing hour after all of this bullshit.

    Time would go by, and about two hours and 45 minutes later Nothel decides it is about time for the man to wake up. So, to do this, Nothel reaches over and takes the mans neck, forcefully using his blood to wake his body up. The man jerks awake and looks around wide eyed, but somehow calm. “See, you survived the ride, trains aren’t that bad.” He nods, shaking his head a bit nervously. A few minutes later the train docks in the station. “Be safe now,” Scoffs Nothel as the man walks off the train. Free at least Nothel thinks, smiling to himself, now to go back to Magnolia by this stupid train. Oh wait, another three hours of boredom? God damn it that is horrible. Oh well, at least he can do better stuff when he gets back to town. Maybe he can meet Saya-san for coffee again. That would be nice; he hasn’t seen her in a few days. He honestly enjoys her company. He continues to think about random stuff as the trains steams off, back to Magnolia.


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