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    Escort On A Train


    Escort On A Train Empty Escort On A Train

    Post by Guest 12th April 2019, 6:08 am

    It was only the next day after playing tag with the kids but already Leliana was back on the job although this one was nothing like she had ever done before. Her task was to escort a man who was petrified of trains by riding along with him to his destination. It was kind of ironic that she would be trying to help someone else get over their fears considering her own issues but the mage was sympathetic to his plight and agreed to do the job because of that. Besides, she had never let anyone down yet and she did sincerely want him to succeed with his new job. So, there they were on the station, waiting for the train to come. She could feel him perspiring and shaking so despite her own nervousness and awkwardness with the situation, Leliana gently took his hand in hers and lightly squeezed, hoping that she could help sooth his doubts. He turned to look at her for a moment in surprise but seemed to relax a little, with his breathing settling down and a nervous smiling crossing his face. They remained like that until the train finally came and with some gentle prodding from her, they both boarded and took a seat.

    The trip itself was not that bad and to help soothe him further, the mage brought out Sylveon to sing for them, a peaceful melody that helped them both to relax. It was easy for the mage to see herself in the man and it was a slightly painful experience to have to go through, even if she managed to hide that pain from him. How often had she felt as petrified as him? Too often and even now, with her magic growing by the day, she still felt that way. Why could she just not be confident like everyone that she seemed to walk in to? Why did every situation have to be so awkward for her? She sighed slightly and shook her head. Neither the man nor Leliana said much as the train continued on its course but it was a comfortable silence in the end and neither of them seemed to mind. Sylveon was doing a stellar job with her singing and after a while, Leliana beckoned her over. The cream coloured beast took off like a rocket and dived in to her mistress's lap. Even the nervous passenger had to laugh at the reaction, as Leliana started to stroke her spirits ears.

    When the train reached its destination, the pair disembarked and turned to face each other.

    "You'll be waiting for me, right?" he said, still a touch nervous, "I'm not ready yet to take the train back by myself."

    Leliana nodded her head before answering softly, scratching Sylveon's ears again as she spoke, "I'll be here, along with my friend, don't worry. I hope that I've been of some help to you today."

    "You've been a life saver, both of you," he answered, before looking at his watch, "Nuts, I've got to get going or I'll miss my interview. See you later."

    With that, he was gone and Leliana took a seat on the nearest bench to wait. Sylveon soon hopped on to her lap happily and the pair simply watched as the trains went by, pleased that they had been able to help another person in need.

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