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    Train Escort


    Train Escort Empty Train Escort

    Post by Guest 5th April 2020, 2:20 pm

    When her mother had told her about the jobs that she’d have to take on as a mage, she’d talked about ones involving daring doom and having to fight with everything you had. What she hadn’t talked about were ones like her mission for today. Her job was quite simple, to escort a terrified man from the nearby train station to his destination. It sounded easy enough and as the bunny girl arrived at the place and began to walk through the enormous terminal, she couldn’t truthfully see any problems with it. There wasn’t much chance that he could escape her if he made a run for it and if he tried to fight her, well, she’d brought a few tools to handle that as well. He was going to get to his destination, even if she had to tie him up and drag him there, it was as simple as that.

    A petrified yell caught her attention and she quickly headed towards the location of the disturbance. Standing there were a couple, with a struggling man in a suit desperately trying to get away from the woman. It would have looked quite funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and as the bunny girl approached the pair, she was already tapping into her magic, knowing precisely which spells she’d use for this. Blowing a kiss of magical powers when she was in range, the man would swiftly cease making a fuss and would instead become completely dormant, his eyes glazed over, putty in her hands.

    “That’s more than enough of that,” she said sternly, resulting in a nod of the man’s head, before turning to his wife. “I’m Miranda and I’ll be the mage escorting your husband to his destination today.”

    “A pleasure,” the wife replied, baffled by the sudden change in her husband's behaviour, “Erm, what did you do to him? Is he OK?”

    “Yes, he’s fine, just under my control for the time being,” the bunny girl answered, a slight smile forming across her face, “Don’t worry, he’ll not be harmed permanently. He’ll just be a little quieter during the journey. Once it’s over, I’ll release the spell.”

    “I see, well, I appreciate your help, thank you,” responded the wife, before she kissed her husband on the cheek and then walked away, leaving the mage with the dazed male.

    “You’ll be coming with me,” she ordered quietly, “This way.”

    Without a word, the man followed as the bunny girl led the way to the train and boarded, not even batting an eyelid as he clambered on. The journey was completely peaceful and not once did he even begin to fight against her spell, completely under her command. The scenery was rather nice and given that he was pretty much out of it, Miranda would simply amuse herself with the view, as well as fiddling around with her iLac. When the journey came to an end, the pair would leave the train together and she’d remove the spell, resulting in his almost hilarious reaction to what had happened. Still, he was appreciative at least and paid her what was owed, before the two parted ways.

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