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    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper [Job/Solo]


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    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper  [Job/Solo] Empty Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper [Job/Solo]

    Post by DOPPO 30th March 2016, 12:53 pm

    "Misses Andrea Cooper, a sweet middle aged wife. A pillar of the community and loved by all. And most recently the winner of Oak Towns renowned garden competition. Which off course didn't go well with the current second place, Miss Coldflower. Who up till now always won. And unfortunately for Misses Cooper, the lady Coldflower is a petty loser. So much even that she requested the dark guilds to get rid of her. How? She doesn't care, you can make it look like an accident or just kill her. Either way works." Aizenagi read aloud the note in his hand, with a cheeky grin planted to his lips. He snickered ever-so-fruitfully and stuffed the note back into his pocket of his shawl, how eventful was this? It would be such an interesting day for the wandering outlaw, aligned with the graciously infamous Savage Skull, a status of one of Gods. Or, so he was told.

    His initial plan he had set for himself was to associate alignment with those who are, overall, associated with many. "For with many steps, come stairs." Stairs that can grant someone the choice of climbing up or down where which the person would meet a destination. Aizenagi wasn't particularly certain of what destination he was expecting. When he first arrived to this plane of being, it was a matter of moments of which his essence would disperse elsewhere, unless he had claimed the vassal of another dweller. He did as accordingly, claiming a young man's body, messy black hair and crimson eyes. It went as planned, and he had successfully claimed the young man's physical body, it's appearance adapting to Aizen's former. Well, not quite. When woken from the state of unconsciousness, he had lost sight in his right eye, as well as a strange marking stroking across his back. It was truly troublesome. Having to deal with these abnormalities. Unsure of how to deal with this issue, he simply covered up the eye with an eye patch, and ensconced himself in a shawl of which he never discards.

    Beyond that, he was in hopes that these jobs would give him some lead of his chase from his realm. But for now, he had treated this body ever so delicately, for it was not his and was unsure of whether he could just as easily claim another vassal. And perhaps Savage Skull was not the guild to associate himself with, seeing as he was not inherently bad. As far as Aizenagi was concerned, he pledged his loyalty in the name of this infamous grouping of fellows. If anything, it certainly seemed more exciting and eventful then 'obeying the law'. For human morals and just was simply intriguing to him. Who was to say that evil and good had existed? These beings criminalized for the the path that they walk in, was just too thrilling for Aizenagi. If man were to remain in boundary of justice and ethics, this world may very well be a prison.

    There he was again, rambling to himself again. But he had no doubt that this mindset was indeed, pure. He felt an obligation to... help others realize that these facades of justice, these cloaks of corruption, could and will be shed from the broken body and the bones, in order for one to retrieve true salvation. If anything, Aizenagi thought in metaphors. They simplified down to something very plain to him, and understandable. But, thoughts aside, he walked down the streets of Oak Town, and this happened to be his first time he had traveled here. Or so he thought. He felt an odd sense of deja vu, feeling that this was more like home, if anything, as a pulse pumped deep within him. It had to be his vassal's soul. He  recalled this body, in fact, was not his. And belonged to a summoning mage from Lamia Scale. The young man's soul still resided within Aizenagi's peacefully, almost gone.

    Enough thoughts, Aizenagi continued down the dirt street, taking turns and averting directions as according to the coordinates of the house itself. And just then, he was only a few houses away from the residence of his target. He was rather excited, his skills being put to use in such a simple job. How messy would this get? He thought impatiently to himself, quietly giggling and snickering under his breath with the most cheeky of smiles. And there she was, conveniently standing on her lawn, tending to her many plants, diverse in color, type, and appearance. How lovely, but soon the brightest and most plain of flowers would soon be false, red, red roses. He chuckled to the pleasant thought, and proceeded to climb the buildings opposite from the houses on her lane. He went to the most hidden building opposing hers, laying down on his belly, prone to he ground. He flipped the hood of his shawl to his head, and quietly mumbling to himself. "Requip: Ivory Rifle..." And to those words, a sniper rifle of exquisite design fell to his hands. He closed one eye, which, didn't need closing, it was covered by an eye patch, and focused his gaze to the site. He aimed, he adjusted, and he watched. And in moments, he pulled the trigger and fired a tiny bullet through her aged skull. Only a squeak slipped off the dead tongue of hers, and the job had been completed. He snickered, and dashed away. But before he had completely vanished from the scene, he peered back over his shoulder, disspelled the Ivory Rifle, and climbed the building again to watch and wait. The lifeless body laid there, prone to the bloodstained patches of green, luscious grass. Blood splattered across the several flowers. How lovely was the sight? He couldn't seem to measure it's beauty. But soon came a group of passerbyers.

    "Dear god! Someone get authorities!" Screamed an elderly woman, dropping her purse and covering her mouth, eyes filled with horror. Soon, dashed out a crowd.

    "Isn't that... Ms.Cooper?!" Gasped a man.

    "It is! Dear god, it is!" Responded a middle aged woman.

    "This is just terrible! Who could of done this to this sweet old woman?"

    "Someone despicable! Search the whole town!"

    "We'll teach'em a lesson!"

    Aizenagi patiently watched the crowd form a group of infuriated men and women alike. How could the death of such an inferior effect them so cruelly? It didn't matter to Aizen, it was pleasant if anything. He cracked a smile through his warm skin. "Is this the humanity I know? Beings of arrogance, and false wisdom, thinking that strength in numbers accomplishes vengence. Sad thing their eyes fail to see that no actions can bring that old day back to the realm of the living, her soul silently rests within a dark void of which no being can enter, except those abandoning their bodies. Or, so what I think. I've never died, nor been birthed. I just am. If these actions pry out reactions such as these, such as amusing as these, I fair that it will be most interesting to get my hands real dirty in future tasks. I promise myself so. For bloodshed is too precious to slip by my hands. Ah, this was a nice day, was it not? Haha. Well, I best be on my way, or else they'll catch me! Heh." He snickered and dashed off once more.
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