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    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper


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    Completed Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper

    Post by Waterz 12th May 2018, 5:52 am

    On any ordinary day at the guild hall, a wad of mission posters would be tacked onto the mission board. Mizumi would bring a sandwich for the Mission Courier and get the first glance at the fliers. But today, when she looked at them, she saw one that requested just a old fashion assassination. How dare they post something like that in this den of wolves. Gracefully she removed the flier and folded it into her pouch. With innocent smiles like Leila, Yuvon, Poko, and Leona in this guild, she couldn't allow something like this request darken their doorstep. After lunch, she would place a sign on the counter top stating she would return in five days time and explicit instructions to not burn her kitchen down.

    After a day and a half of traveling to Oak Town, she arranged a shadow meeting with the contractor to finalize the terms. She only wanted Andrea Cooper dead. The means were up to the mage. The terms had the evil woman deposit the jewels for completion of the contract in an oak stump outside of town marked with an x over a triangle. After the drop was completed, the hunt would begin. They would never meet face to face.

    After the payment was indeed dropped off by Coldflower herself, Mizumi dropped her cloak and situated herself as a tourist. After the morning broke, She put on her sweet and innocent face, strolling into town. She had the address of her target. Of course the contractor would be watching to make sure she did die. A pretty petty woman. Mizumi would complete her end of the deal, just, Coldflower might not like how it comes about. While looking like she was making her way through town, she stopped by Cooper's house and was honestly amazed by the garden. It was really breathtaking. She could see why she won the contest.

    Andrea was eager to show off her garden and gave her a tour. The woman was sweet and always wore a pleasant smile. After an hour in the garden, the two women shook hands to say farewell to each other. Mizumi's hand left her hunter's mark on the back of her hand. Now she would be able to track her where ever she went. She spent an hour more in town before leaving the other side of town. Once outside of town, she would vanish into the trees.

    As the afternoon came, Mizumi had staked out the location, and moved through the forest, keeping a sight on Coldflower. Her hunter's mark kept her aware of Andrea after all. It would be around 1 pm when the two women were face to face. They shared pleasantries and gossip of the day. To all outside they were complete friends. This was the exact moment Mizumi was waiting for.

    Summoning her bow into the wind, the white energy showed the air power inside. With the calm that only came from practice and experience of killing someone before, the huntress leveled the bow and took her aim. She watched and waited. Breaths slow and steady. Her right hand pulled back the arrow as the purple claw mark etched itself into her skin. The moment the two ladies closed their eyes and laughed at a joke, she relaxed her grip, letting the arrow fly straight ahead. The wind arrow created a gust as it flew through Coldflower's hair and separated the top half of Andrea's skull from the lower half.

    The horror she paid for was delivered right in front of her eyes. She didn't expect it like this. And undoubtedly the housewife would have night terrors for years to come. There was no saying that her request was not carried out. Plus this should show her what it meant to have life taken. HEr little cozy fantasy world was shattered. All by an unseen arrow that left no trace in its victim. Just more air between the jaws. Mizumi now had another town to add to her cities she can not return to.WC: 676/600


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