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    Assassination Contract: Mrs. Cooper

    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    Assassination Contract: Mrs. Cooper Empty Assassination Contract: Mrs. Cooper

    Post by Jennifer Ford 8th March 2019, 3:51 pm

    Job Name:
    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper
    Job Rank:
    Job Requirements:
    1 mage, 600 words
    Job Location:
    Oak Town
    Job Description:
    Misses Andrea Cooper, a sweet middle aged wife. A pillar of the community and loved by all. And most recently the winner of Oak Towns renowned garden competition. Which off course didn't go well with the current second place, Miss Coldflower. Who up till now always won. And unfortunately for Misses Cooper, the lady Coldflower is a petty loser. So much even that she requested the dark guilds to get rid of her. How? She doesn't care, you can make it look like an accident or just kill her. Either way works.  

    Miss Andrea Cooper
    No notable skills whatsoever except being a master in gardening.

    5,000 jewels

    Andrea Cooper, mid-thirties to early fourties. She wasn't unattractive, and didn't get into much trouble, but someone had put a high price on her head. Something felt off about this job, and Jen was going to get to the bottom of it. When she arrived in town, her target was easy to spot, but she wanted to do this right, make sure that it went off without a hitch. She knew that she had to maintain a low profile until the time was right. She knew that she couldn't get too close to the target, or be seen associating with her. It took five days for Jen to learn her target's habits, and another five days to figure out where and when to carry out the wetwork. It wasn't something that Jen often did. Usually, when she killed someone, it was out of anger, or an accident during a fight. But, this was a job that she had taken, and it was her responsibility to complete the job, and act professionally. However, one thing seriously bothered her about this job, and that was the reasoning behind it. This job, as Jen had learned after arriving in town, was the result of the client losing a contest. Jen would have preferred a more justifiable reason, but she couldn't turn down the jewel. Still, there was nothing preventing her from adding on more body to the count. She already had to kill two people, after all, so a third would be no problem, in her eyes, do long as she brought back the jewel. About a week later, Mrs. Cooper was walking home, not knowing that she was being followed. When she reached the top step of the stairway to her door, she didn't realize that someone was hanging over the edge. That someone, being Jen, climbed over, and kicked Mrs. Cooper as hard as she could in the head, snapping her neck, and sending her rolling down the stairs, where she landed at an odd and dangerous angle. Hearing the commotion outside, Mrs. Cooper's husband rushed outside to see what was going on, and was easily tossed over the railing, landing head first, and snapping his neck as well. That was two targets taken care of. Now, only one remained, and there was only one thing in the way... the payment. Jen had finished the job, and had no reason to believe that this last target would provide any difficulty. After all, it was the client. However, Jen wasn't going to kill her right away. When she visited the client two nights later, she received the Jewel and went back to the guild. However, two weeks later, Ms. Coldflower was found lying in a pool of her own blood, in her bathtub. Jen had snuck in the night before, and slit her throat while she relaxed in the tub. Jen had found the job distasteful, and Ms. Coldflower was a loose end that needed tying up anyway. So in the end, while the job itself only had one, Jen took out three targets.

    Word Count: 512/500

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