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    Assassination Contract : Mrs. Cooper


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    Assassination Contract : Mrs. Cooper Empty Assassination Contract : Mrs. Cooper

    Post by Deleronark 18th December 2018, 11:11 pm

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    Job, Sign-Up
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    Cocking his head and taking a deep breath the assassin looked once more at the contract. With a heavy sign he released his held breath. Why would someone be so petty? Losing a garden competition was apparently enough for some people to higher an Assassin. Mietitrice looked once more at the rifle in his hand, and checked it over.

    Made of enchanted material the Artifact know as “Black Widow” was a large heavy caliber rifle, almost solid black and pure metal the rifle had no discernable features or markings. However, if one knew how to inspect it, or take it apart they would find that every inch of the internal metal was covered in intricate runes, including the barrel, and the clip. Able to hold five rounds before needing a reload the firearm was certainly overkill for such a job.

    Mietitrice had been hired to deal with a ‘Mrs. Cooper’. As far as the man could tell the woman had done nothing to deserve such a fate. From his inspection the middle age woman was a pillar of the community, and a very liked woman, the picture showed a female of middle age with brown hair, and blue eyes. She was attractive, comparatively, and seemed to be married to a local blacksmith. In fact, the only thing he could find wrong with her was her sense of style.

    Priding himself as a professional and man of knowledge the assassin had been certain to look further into the motive of his client. The woman, named Lady Coldflower was a farmers wife, and a plump lump of putrid flesh. She seemed to be a vindictive and angry woman, jealous of the others beauty and husband. In fact, the only motive he could find was that Lady Coldflower had recently lost the towns renowned garden competition, a rather boring affair where ‘representatives’ from the town went to various houses and inspected the local gardens for beauty, size, and a few other factors.

    Taking a deep breath Mietitrice was pulled from his musing. Suddenly Ms. Cooper has stepped from her house and doing exactly as the assassin had expected. Mietitrice, having arrived in town days ago had used his alternate identity to learn the womans daily schedule. At about the same time every night she went into the nearby countryside to pick flowers or other herbs. It was at that time Mietitrice had decided to take his hit.

    With a flourish Mietitrice held out his hand and requiped his mask. A simple black facemask and forehead protector with intricate runes appeared upon his face. Suddenly, his appearance would have changed entirely and he stood there with pure black hair, and red eyes. His scent, magic, and very essence would change entirely, and the man knew if he were to bleed, or leave behind hair or skin follicles the materials would dissolve in minutes leaving no trace that the man had every been there.

    A few minutes later the assassin found himself looking through his scope, he had found a tree to sit in far from the clearing he knew she would enter. Taking a breath he watched as she entered his scope. His heart slowed, and his eyes narrowed, he took a deep breath to steady his aim. In between his own heartbeats the man pulled the trigger.


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