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    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper||Solo


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    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper||Solo Empty Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 1st August 2016, 1:14 pm

    Assassination Contract: Ms. Cooper||Solo BGj480f
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    Picking out a good amount of things from a supermarket, nothing that looked to odd to be buying, nothing suspicious is what he was particularly worried about. He leaned over the desk and whispered something in the ear of the clerk, he gasped slightly the smiled. Paying the cashier, with a little extra included, he then grabbed the two plastic bags before leaving the store. Walking down the quiet streets, he let out a sigh as the calm and cool breeze blew against him, lifting his hair up slightly. He felt the air blow against his bare arms, being a rather hot day out, he wore a t-shirt instead of a hoodie over it like he usually does. Though he still wore his usual baggy black pants along with some sneakers, it was only a quick errand, so he didn't bother putting on anything to nice. Turning a corner through an alleyway, a shortcut to the hotel that he was staying at. Due to not having a home anymore because he was banished from Black Rose, he just travels around, staying at different motels, hotels and such. Pulling out the silver key from his pocket as he arrived at the door, he unlocked it and opened it up, walking inside he grabbed a 'do not disturb' sign and put it on the outside of the doorknob. Closing the door and locking it, he set the bags on a small table, he pulled out some things putting them aside then he grabbed the bags again and put it on the bed. Those things where not needed for what he was doing, that was just some food and drinks he was going to have later. Placing himself back at the table, Lucius pulled on some and then he started what he needed to do, with these few everyday ingredients. He mixed it up in a bowl, and then poured a little bit of the liquid in a clear bottle, he shook it a bit while examining it. With a satisfied smile, he set it back down and pulled his gloves off and set it next to the bottle. He then walked over and sat on the bed, he grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, he then grabbed his food and started to eat.
    A good twelve hours passed, he had been waiting for night to fall, for it is always easier for him to work in the dark. Especially when he had to sneak into people's houses, no matter, it was not twelve am. He looked at the clock and let out a sigh, he looked to his right, where the void demon was resting on his shoulder while watching the show on the screen. Her curly black hair resting on her chest as she hugged the arm of the young assassin. "I have to go work, stay here or go back home. Okay?" he said to Regina, she put on a pout face and let out a sad sigh "Alright" she said, letting go of him, allowing to climb out of the bed. Lucius then put his skin tight shirt and pants on along with his lace up boots, he put his hair up into a ponytail then walked over to the table. Pulling the gloves on, he put everything in the plastic bag, and opened up the window and climbed out. After leaving his current residence, at a quick pace, he made his way behind buildings and through alleyways. Making it to the suburbs, and started to go from house to house, seeing which house his target was in. Finding a house with a rather large garden, a car in the driveway, he studied some more. The mailbox said 'Cooper' and according to his client, there was only one family that had that name, and that was his target. Going around back, he hopped over the freshly painted white fence. Walking with soundless footsteps he crouched by the back door, picking the lock with a couple of bobby pins that he pulled out of his hair. After he unlocked the door, he put the pins back in his hair to keep his long bangs out of the way of the vision of his green eyes. Silently and slowly, he pulled open the oak door, peering in to see if anybody was around. Seeing that nobody was, he walked in, closing the door behind him. Hugging the walls he stepped down the hall, all the lights where off, and nobody was downstairs. Lucius let out a silent sigh as he walked over to the stove, he looked around and he saw a blue kettle. He pulled the lid off of it, some clean water still resided in it from earlier in the day. A small smile crept onto his pale face as he set down the bag and pulled the clear bottle out of it, he opened it up, he looked at the clear liquid before pouring a good amount into the water. Looking for only a bit before he closed the kettle and the bottle, he put it in the bag, then he walked back to the door from which he came. He opened the door again, like he did only a few minutes ago, and closed it behind him. Snickering slightly, he dropped a couple of clips, slightly scratched up, near the door. Turning away he ran and cleared the fence, he then continued to sneak around the neighborhood. Finding a house with the mailbox saying 'Coldflower', he crept around back and jumped over the fence. Crawling on the grass through the bushes around the building, the young assassin found a basement window, laying in the bushes he started to pick the lock. Opening it up, he let out a displeased sigh, now he need to squeeze in. Not what he really wanted to do, but it would pay off later, oh man, he couldn't wait. Putting his hands and head in first, he pushed himself through. He fell onto his hands and he flexibly bent so his feet would touch the ground, and he the stood up. Looking around, he set down the plastic bag on a table that was in the rather clean basement. Lucius then set everything up, so it looked like the poison was made here. Letting out a satisfied sigh, a smug grin making itself at home on his pale white face, he then turned and forced his long body back through the small window. He closed and locked the window with his pins, then he snuck out from the gardeners property. Lucius then proceeded to head back to his current house, he climbing through the window and closed it behind him. Letting out a yawn, he pulled the curtains closed and he started to undress and dress back into clothes that where strewn across the floor. He packed the clothes he just changed out of, into his duffel bag and he packed other things that he had in the room, back into the bag. The boy then climbed back into the bed, where his pet, Regina, was laying also. Though she was fast asleep, he let out another sigh then pulled out a book from under his pillow and started to read, waiting for morning.
    Fluttering his green eyes open, he looked to see the ceiling. He appeared to have fallen asleep, not what he planned, but at least he didn't have a nightmare like he usually does. His arm was hanging over the bed, the book still in his hand, and a weight on his chest. He looked down at his black t-shirt to see a head full of curly black bedhead hair, laying on his chest. Letting out a sigh, he woke his demon pet up, and they both got up. He finished packing up his things, and by the time he turned, Regina was already to leave already. "Well let's see what's going on" Lucius said, he went over to the door and unlocked it. He opened it then walked out of the room, walking to the main desk, he returned the keys and signed out. He used the name 'Fie Sullivan', as an alias, and he then walked out of the building. Though it was early morning, but people where already up, and seemed to be in a panic. It appears as the town found out about the recent death, and was already had a suspect and was heading to their house now. "Hold this, I need to quick get my payment, head to the train station." the teen said, giving the girl a slight peck on her forehead before running off. He got to Miss Coldflower's residence, and opened up the door "As you know, job is done, give me my money" he said to the woman who sat at her kitchen table "Oh, uh yes, of course" she fumbled about, and with shaky hands, handed him his money. With a slight thanks, he left, and as he walked away he saw the authorities go in. Standing a little while, seeing them come out with the woman in handcuffs. She kept saying she was framed and so and so, glaring at the assassin, the green haired boy just smiled at her and waved. Turning away he made his way to the train station, where Regina awaited for him.

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