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    Bully the Bully or Nothel dun messed up. (Job/Bully the Bully/Mossino)


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    Bully the Bully or Nothel dun messed up. (Job/Bully the Bully/Mossino) Empty Bully the Bully or Nothel dun messed up. (Job/Bully the Bully/Mossino)

    Post by Mossino 13th March 2016, 8:36 pm

    So, one hundred jewels for scaring some bully away. Ugh, this is really not worth the time it was gonna take. First he has to find the kid, then like, scare him into submission. Yet, he can’t beat the bully up. That is going to make this job a bit harder than it honestly should. Oh well, what is the worse that happens? He gets to scare a little kid into crying and running away. Maybe he could drag the kid into an alleyway and threaten his life. Now that would be funny, watching a kid just start crying and run off in complete fright. But, that has to wait, Nothel realizes as he has to find this kid. He knows what he looks like, black hair, tall-ish for his age, brown eyes, and he apparently always wears polka-dotted pants. Which sounds like a really bad fashion statement. Though, Nothel really does know about fashion but polka-dots have never been his thing.
    Shaking his head Nothel slides his hands into his cloaks pocket. It would be the middle of the afternoon in the town of Magnolia. People would fill the streets that Saturday afternoon, the sun bearing down, making it slightly hotter than Nothel really cared for. He could take his cloak off, but honestly it helps. Hides his weaponry and makes him slightly mysterious. It’ll help when he takes the kid to scare the hell out of him. Smiling slightly, he knows the hunt is on to find this kid. He stops on the sidewalk, looking around. He wouldn’t spot anyone wearing polka-dotted clothes, but he knows the kid will come through here. His client told him that the ‘bully’ always comes through this intersection at some point of the day. Why? Nothel didn’t know but it was probably some stupid reason, but it doesn’t matter. He is just here to take the kid and scare him into never bullying again. Oo, maybe he could put his sword to the kids neck, maybe even knick the skin a bit, that’ll get the bully going.

    Nothel would wait about thirty minutes, the sun going past the middle of the sky now. Nothel guesses it’s about two P.M. now, and a subtle wind would have began across the street. Significantly less people would be around now after the finishing of the afternoon lunch rush. But low and behold, a lanky 12 year old looking kid would be walking down the street. He looked like a stereotypical bully, mean pointed face, slight muscles on the arm, and well…polka-dotted pants? No wonder this kid was a bully, he wore polka-dotted pants and probably received a lot of hate for it. That probably built up into some kind of hatred for other people, made him anti-social and therefore a bully... Nothel would grin, “Glad I’m not like that…” he says, anyone that actually knows Nothel would know that is a total lie and is exactly Nothel’s life.

    Nodding to himself, he sees the bully is going to come near Nothel at some point, so he goes to find an alleyway. Due to the cities structure he would find an empty alleyway quite close to him. Grinning menacingly Nothel steps into the shadows, being hidden decently well due to his black cloak. To finish the look, he slides up a small piece of cloth to cover his mouth. After, he pulls down his hoodie, concealing his face, making him just look like a black shadow in the alleyway. Only minutes later the bully would walk by the alleyway. This would be a horrible mistake for the bully because Nothel just simply reaches out and grabs the kids arm, forcefully pulling him into the alleyway. Then, Nothel slams him against the brick wall of the alleyway, covering the kid’s mouth so he can’t yell.

    This would immediately instill multiple things into the little kid. He would be wide eye’d and already close to tears. No kid expects this to happen to him, therefore this is a pretty scary experience already. He’d try to struggle and break free, but Nothel is way too strong for the kid to even attempt to escape. Nothel grins behind his mask as he sees tears start to stream down the kids face and over his own hands. “Alright, you listen here you little fucker, and you better listen well, if I think you aren’t I’ll fucking kill you right here and now.” He speaks savagely and slightly quietly so no one will peak into and see this happen. The kid nods as much as he can to confirm that he is listening to Nothel. Alright, step one completed; now to drive home the message, “Alright kid, now, I heard you have been messing with other kids and fucking their lives up. Now, I am giving you ONCE change to stop that shit, or I will end your pitiful life, got i—“ The kid would make one fatal mistake here. Now, before the job, Nothel had been approached by the person this kid had bullied. He offered him 100 jewels to teach this kid a lesson and not hurt him while doing it. One thing about this though, Nothel never told his client his name or what guild he was affiliated with. He could kill this little brat and no one would ever know he did it. Another thing, this bully didn’t know what Nothel’s moral bounds were, and he did not care if he took his life. Therefore, Mr. Bully made the wrong choice here.

    To get back on point, the bully bit down on Nothel’s hand. This made Nothel recoil and drop the brat to the ground. In this spilt second the kid would try and run away while yelling, but he wouldn’t have the chance. His one mistake to bite Nothel proved quite fatal, because in one swift motion Nothel drew his old, rusty Katana and impaled the child, through the neck and into the wall. This would stop the kid’s yelling before anyone could have really known what was going on. The blade would stop oxygen and blood flow to the brain, depriving it of essential fluids, killing the kid within seconds. Nothel retracts the blade, looking down at the little bloodied corpse, no remorse in his eyes. Nothel shakes his head, “This was your fault kid.” He sheaths his sword and steps out of the alleyway, walking down the sidewalk and away from the crime scene. While this seems 100% unhuman to just kill someone and forget about it, this act will slowly eat away at Nothel for the rest of his life. Something he won’t know for a while atleast. The worst part is. there was satisfaction. The is an emotion he felt, and it can't be a good thing.


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