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    Dragon's Make Good Anti-Bullies! (Bully the Bully Job Solo)


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    Dragon's Make Good Anti-Bullies! (Bully the Bully Job Solo) Empty Dragon's Make Good Anti-Bullies! (Bully the Bully Job Solo)

    Post by DragonPantsu 9th July 2015, 1:45 pm

    Dragon's Make Good Anti-Bullies! (Bully the Bully Job Solo) 153164

    Dragon's Make Good Anti-Bullies! (Bully the Bully Job Solo) 153164

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    What is this I don’t even.

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    Dragon's Make Good Anti-Bullies! (Bully the Bully Job Solo) CANAAN

    - Haretsa

    The young Slayer’s eyes creeped ever so slowly open as the sun began to rise over the town of Magnolia. The night prior had been one interesting ride getting to help a couple get married and be the pyrotechnician for a pop idols live concert. That combined with the rescuing of the innkeepers daughter from Vulcans yesterday morning lead meant Haretsa had quite a full day; and she couldn’t be any more pleased with how everything turned out. Jumping out of her bed, Haretsa stretched and let out a long yawn as she walked over to the window in her room. She wondered whether or not there would be time to get breakfast before she and Tree headed back to the guild or if he would want to just get a move on.

       Pushing open the window as she wondered this, Haretsa leaned forward, resting her chin in her hand as she looked down to the bustling streets below. She was rather surprised just how busy the town had become at such an early time of the morning. The streets were filled with various people going to work and kids running around carefree on their way to school. Life in a town such as Magnolia sure was full of life. Looking down further, Haretsa would notice a pair of children standing just outside of the inn. The taller and seemingly older child appeared to be bullying the smaller one, pushing him around and taunting the poor kid almost endlessly. ”Thanks for payin’ for my lunch again, loser! Cya same time tomorrow morning!” the bigger kid said, pushing the smaller one to the ground before he walked off.

       Haretsa raised an eyebrow at this, wondering just what the heck that kids problem was. She quickly ran back into her room and threw on her clothes and equipment before jumping out the window; landing right next to the smaller kid who was still sitting on the ground after being pushed over. ”Hey there!” the Slayer said with a smile, extending out her hand to help pick the kid back up on his feet. ”That kid looked like he was being a real big jerk. You ok?” she asked concerningly as the kid dusted off his pants. ”Yeah, he’s just my stupid cousin that keeps picking on me! But I have a plan to deal with him… H-hey! You’re one of them Sabertooth guys my brother hired to help rescue Clarissa, right?!” the young boy asked enthusiastically. ”Yup, I was one of the people that helped rescue Clarissa. My names Haretsa! What’s yours?” ”My name is James! I could use your help with my plan, Ms. Haretsa. If you could scare Jimmy into not bullying me anymore, I’d really appreciate it; just don’t hurt him! I can pay you but I don’t have much…” ”Hey, don’t worry about paying me! Haretsa responded, placing a hand on James’ shoulder. ”I’ll make sure that little punk never bullies you again. I’ll teach him a lesson for not appreciating having family…” ”Wow, thank’s lady!!”

       With that said, Haretsa made her way down the street in the same direction that Jimmy had gone. She bit down on her lip hard as she clenched both her hands up into fists. When she was little, Dark Mages had murdered her entire family and then kidnapped her; performing all kinds of experimentation's on her which is why she had the strength and magic that she did. Haretsa could barely even remember her family, so she tended to get rather upset when people took having family for granted like this Jimmy kid was doing. She knew she had to calm herself down. She wasn’t about to hurt a child; merely scare the ever loving piss out of that little brat and make him realize what he was doing was wrong.

       After a few minutes, Haretsa finally spotted Jimmy again;  taking off in a full sprint now to catch up with and get in front of the brat. Once she had passed him, she quickly stopped herself and turned to face him with her arms folded and a bit of a scowl on her face. Jimmy tried to walk around her, but Haretsa blocked his path every which way he tried to go. "Hey, what the crap is your problem, lady!? I'm tryin' to get to school here!!" he shouted at Haretsa as she continued to give him that look. "My problem is you picking on James and I'm here to tell you that you need to stop doing that. You shouldn't be mean to your family!" she answered, which simply caused Jimmy to laugh. "Pft, what should I care? He's a loser and he always will be!" he retorted, which caused Haretsa to go a bit off the deep end. A flaming red aura built up around her in anger as her eyes switched from their usual hazel color to a burning red. "YOU SHOULD CARE BECAUSE SOME OF US DON'T EVEN HAVE A FAMILY!!" she shouted, the once colored aura now inadvertently turning to fire, causing Haretsa's appearance to be even more terrifying and the entire street to stop and stare at the young girl in fear. "NOW GO APOLOGIZE TO YOUR COUSIN AND NEVER PICK ON HIM AGAIN; OR ELSE YOU'LL ANSWER TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT!" she yelled, causing Jimmy to haul ass back towards the inn with soaked pants. The entire street simply stood in silence and continued to look in fear at Haretsa as memories of her family flooded the young girls mind. This combined with her realizing everyone around her was terrified of her cause the Slayer's crimson red eyes to begin to tear up. She simply turned and ran for the gate that would lead back to Sabertooth without Tree as her aura faded; simply wanting to be left alone right now as her emotions overwhelmed her.
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