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    Bully the Bully: There's a Bigger Fish


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    Completed Bully the Bully: There's a Bigger Fish

    Post by Dubhlainn 7th August 2015, 9:37 am

    This was an unusual post on the request board as it states the client is only but a few years old. This was somewhat unusual but they must be desperate for help even if it means recruiting a dark mage from a guild. The note says that he should meet in front of the cathedral in the center of town. At that time he waited, wearing nothing but his formal suit as if he were some kind of government agent. The streets were busy, making it hard to tell who among them could be the client. He stood by the doors of the Cathedral and waited for minutes to an hour.  Finally he heard a whistle from a cloaked figure that was summoning him to walk towards the ally. There’s no mistaken that the one calling him was his client. He moves through the crowds to enter the dark corners that separated the two buildings, water was dripping from up top as the asphalt ground was dampened by what appears to be as a result of rain from a few hours ago.

    “Are you the one who answered my request? Could you please help me?” The cloaked figure removed their hood only to reveal themselves as a small boy. He looked at the boy expectantly as they both lean to the wall as they conversed.

    “What do you need help with, little boy?” Dubhlainn asked monotonously.

    “I can trust you right? I mean he deserves it but… not to severe and umm…” He was stuttering, he was nervous to see an actual mage that responded to his request and at the same time confused whether he made the right decision about this or not.

    “It seems you’re trying to piece out your thoughts together, allow me to question you to make things clear, why did you want me to scare someone?” Dubhlainn rested his hand on his shoulder in hopes to calm him down and relax.

    “W-well you see, this someone you’re going to scare has tortured me for almost more than half a year, he picks on me and pushes me around. I just had enough of it, I only wanted to live peacefully and he’s ruining it.”

    “Have you tried avoiding him?” Dubhlainn raised an eyebrow

    “I did but it didn’t work, he actually came to find me and uses me as an outlet.”

    Dubhlainn nods and sinks his head down to think and finally he nods. “Alright I’ll help you, if the purpose of this job was meant to scare him off then its fine by me but do you actually believe that after I scare him off will ensure that he’d not harass you in the future?” Dubhlainn’s words sink right into the boy, the client wasn’t so sure what to think but he shook the thought of his head and answered him.

    “It will work.”

    If the boy said it would then it should so Dubhlainn had to make sure it really worked or else the bully would just scourge the rest of this school boy’s life. Dubhlainn listened intently and with him, he was shown the bully that tormented him. Perhaps it’s no wonder why he’s easy to pick on; this one is much bigger than the little boy was. He looked like someone who’s been living the thug life so Dubhlainn concocted a plan himself in order to scare him however it required the boy himself to cooperate or else it wouldn’t work but knowing how desperate he was into hiring anyone then there’s no doubt that he will.

    The plan finally unfolds; the bully had claimed another victim and had earned himself two sets of allies who would aid him in his tyranny. They were picking on a little girl who just so happened to treasure her soft brown teddy bear that was given to her by her father. The bullies cornered her in an alleyway, the girl dropped to the ground, leaning to the brick wall as she gripped the stuffed animal tightly, refusing the separate with it. The big bully laughed as he ordered his two followers to restrain her and grab the teddy bear. Normally the two boys would be against this but they had no choice, they were too scared to be beaten up by the bully himself who was bigger than all of them. Finally the little boy showed up and called the three boys out, demanding that they spare the girl.

    Just as he was about to grab the little girl’s teddy, the voice of the little boy stopped him dead in his tracks as the big kid approached the little one and pushed him down on the ground. He started to kick the boy as he splashed him with water, the big bully thought he’d won but unfortunately for him Dubhlainn appeared right behind his client with a menacing stare of bloodlust and hatred. Normally Dubhlainn would carry a stone face but now his expression turned to that of someone with hostile intent. A murderous aura glowed as he shot a death stare right into the bully’s own soul. The worst part about it that he was silent which really intimidated the big boy so much he took a step back.

    He called his two followers to take the vanguard but they were to frightened of Dubhlainn. One step forward caused the bully to step five steps backward. A few moments passed and finally he speaks. “I heard you like picking on the weak.. I’ve identified who you are and your relatives.. if I ever see you pick on these children again, I will kill you and your family altogether.”

    It seemed so real that the bully can’t help but drop in a corner, averting his gaze at Dubhlainn. He was confused that he came out of nowhere but one thing’s clear to him, his actions would bring consequences to the people around him especially his family. It was so convincing that even the small client he has was scared and has a loss for words. Dubhlainn picked up a metal piped and smashed it to a wall right of him showing he meant business.

    “You have a few seconds the leave this alleyway or else you won’t see the light of day again.” Murderous aura can be seen around him, the bully was so frightened that he couldn’t help but freeze in place and have hesitated to take the window of hope. His two followers passed Dubhlainn as the man stepped aside for them to pass. He beat the metal pipe once again to the wall and shouted. “BE OFF WITH YOU THEN OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!”

    The bully cried and screamed, he had to get out, escaping and passing Dubhlainn as he cried. Dubhlainn’s gaze turned to the little client and the girl as he returned to his stone faced expression. A step closer frightened the girl a bit but the client wasn’t however the client now is thinking twice about hiring Dubhlainn and reached into his pockets for his reward. Dubhlainn came a bit closer and formed a warm smile on his face and kneel down to their level. “I don’t need your pocket money but you have to rise up against tyranny and tell them that you mean business, if you want to defend the weak or those who don’t have the ability to help others then be strong for them, grow strong so that one day you may help others such as I did.”

    He turned his back on them and walked away.

    A thank you escaped the lips of the two children, unfrozen from the scene they just witnessed. The following weeks the bully never tormented anyone again.

    Or perhaps it was because Dubhlainn was revealed to be spying on his relative to which he makes sure the bully himself sees him. Every time he’d visit magnolia he had to do this from time to time making sure the bully was watching him staring down at his unsuspecting relatives. His client’s life changed that day and forever he was grateful no matter how scary Dubhlainn can be.


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