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    Bully meets bigger Bully [Job/Gil]

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    Bully meets bigger Bully [Job/Gil] Empty Bully meets bigger Bully [Job/Gil]

    Post by King Gil 23rd September 2015, 4:31 pm

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    The child could only look up in a strange combination of both fear and awe at the mage that had arrived at his door. A tall man, near four feet above him, with handsome but arrogant feature, and shining golden hair stood on his porch. For a moment the child thought that the man in all his splendor must have gotten the wrong address. Yet instead he looked down upon the still shocked child, with a look that at first was that of disinterest before a conceited smirk eased its way on his lips,

    "I am Gil Vessalius and I believe that you're the little brat that hired me."

    The kid could only gulp, he had put out a request using his life savings hoping that some mage, some hero, might have come and rescue him from a bully. Yet it seemed as though he had just hired himself another bully...Though Gil was the perfect image of a story book kind of Knight, his attitude and beliefs were anything but that of the Knights and hero's that the kid had idolized. "You're lucky that I happened to be bored today." Gil leaned his shoulder against the frame of the door, his golden locks slicked back nicely almost brushed the top of the entrance, his height was one of his many intimidation factors. "100 Jewels is nothing more than pocket change. Hardly worth my time." His crimson glare on the other hand was his most intimidating factor, "However, this bully sounds rather amusing. I'd like to see how peasants bully one another. I suppose I should show him who's the best." The child was unsure of if he should be more afraid for himself or for his bully. All he wanted was the bully to stop putting him down, and that perhaps some mage from a renowned rather than infamous guild might help that happen.


    The two were quite a sight to behold as they walked down the street. One a quiet, meek looking child while the other was appeared to be an overconfident, handsome man. Both the obvious size and personality difference was immeasurable. Gil's presence alone was enough to cause the various travelers on the street avoid crossing paths with him. The male mage would have continued walking on while basking in the attention that his appearance gave him, but a quiet squeak stopped him. He turned his crimson gaze towards the child who was desperately trying to get his attention without bothering him, a rather impossible task. Not a single word escaped the childs lips as his slender, pale finger pointed towards a group of kids.


    Gil confirmed eyeing over the group of supposed bullies. The child gave a quick nod before dashing behind a stay light post, to watch the events unfold from a distance. A smirk found its way on Gil's lips as he neared the group of children. Slowly as he approached their attention was instinctually drawn towards the approaching figure. At long as Gil stood before them, all of them having to crane their neck up to look at the imposing figure, Gil finally spoke with arrogance practically dripping off his tongue, "Which one of you is the leader of the little group." One of the children pushed another towards Gil, the child quaking under Gil's glare, "I commend you for leading a pack of what seems to imbeciles. I understand that feeling. However, unlike you I'm not-" Gil began before a smirk found it's way on his lips as he finished his sentence.


    Gil began the child staring wide eyed at the man's comment unsure of what to say in response to him. "You're an ugly little low born peasant who gets excited when he pushes around those who are weaker than him." Gil glanced back towards where his client was peeking around a post, "By no means do I excuse the weak. It's their own fault that they're so pathetic that they get pushed around easily." He shrugged, "BUT who do you think you are pushing around the weak when you, yourself are nothing but a worthless weakling? You see it's my job to push around people and I don't like it when other people do my job." He crouched down to get on eye level with the kid, "And if I find out that you're doing my job again well....I'm sure not many people are going to miss a revolting brat like yourself." With that Gil stood to his full height once more before departing down the street, his hands shoved into his expensive coat pockets.

    "Wait Mr. Vessalius! Your payment!"

    His client had come rushing after him with the 100 jewels clutched between his sweaty fingers. Not so much as stopping or even sparing a glance towards the child, Gil at least gave him an answer,

    "I told you: I have no use for such pocket change."



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