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    Up The Food Chain [Job:Bully The Bully] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo)


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    Up The Food Chain [Job:Bully The Bully] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo) Empty Up The Food Chain [Job:Bully The Bully] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo)

    Post by Akeya 4th March 2015, 6:43 am

    Job Description:
    Job: Bully the bully
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must ensure that the bully is dealt with one way or another.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description: A kid is having problems dealing with bullies at school and has been collecting as much pocket change to pay fr a job. While it is chump change, the job is to scare the bully away so that the kid can have a decent life. He wants the bully to be scared and will get in trouble if the aggressor is found beaten or dead. Although Dark guilds could by all means choose to forgo the monetary reward and go straight to the extreme.
    Reward: 100 Jewels or none if the bully gets hurt.

    It was a pretty good morning in Magnolia Town. Adults got ready to go to work, those who had a night shift were just going to bed, and children were heading to school. Even though most of them would complain about it they would also have fun with their friends. Of course, that was most of them. Not all children had as much luck with their social life at school.

    Akeya was standing in front of a little boy who had apparently called her out for the exact reason that she, and she quoted: 'You look really scary'. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to take that as a compliment or not. She supposed that for males being scary was a good thing, although it wasn't like she really cared enough to make an issue about it. However she was curious why a little boy would call her out if she was that scary. Even if males wanted to be scary she didn't expect a little child like this one to be willing to go face to face with something he would describe as 'really scary'. However he didn't look that reluctant. Well, not reluctant about talking to her. He just looked unhappy about something in general.

    "So, uhm...I really need your help. I said that you're really scary, and I need something like that. You see, there's this kid in my class who's always bullying me, and I want him to stop, but I can't do it myself. He's really big and tough! But if you were to talk to him he would back off! Just don't hurt him or anything! I want him to stop bullying me, not to get beaten up himself!"

    Akeya raised an eyebrow at this, rather intrigued by the whole idea. Well, the fact that kids bullied each other was a given. The fact that the one bullied didn't want the bully to get beaten up while told to back off was more interesting. Most kids would probably want some measure of payback. Well, not exactly her problem. Seeing how she stayed silent the boy resumed talking, reaching for something in his pocket and holding up a handful of Jewels.

    "I know it isn't much, but it's all I could gather. I'll give you this if you help me out. Please miss?"

    The half dragon stared at the measly amount of change the boy was holding onto. He was really serious about this. She wasn't sure whether it would be a good idea to actually go and frighten a little kid though. So far the humans hadn't been too troublesome about her wings and tail because she behaved properly. If she started acting more like a dragon they might actually begin to become wary of her. On the other hand, she wasn't really a big fan of bullying. If you're strong enough to bully others you've got better things to do than waste your time trying to rule over weaklings. Not that she approved of the weaklings either, but that was another question entirely."

    "Fine. I'll follow you, you just lead me to the bully. I'll make sure he won't bother you again."

    The boy's eyes started sparkling as she said this, and after thanking her he immediately started running, Akeya sighing before turning into a shadow and slipping after him. Would be better to stay undetected until the actual bully appeared. Which didn't take very long. The school was already in sight in the distance, but before the boy could reach it another, somewhat bulkier boy stepped out of an ally and blocked his path, smirking as he looked down at Akeya's current client.

    "Hey there Trevor. How are you doing today? Ready to give me some money so I can pay for lunch?"

    The boy (apparently called Trevor. Who knew?) flinched somewhat as the bully appeared, but that quickly stopped when Akeya suddenly stepped out of the shadows, causing both the boys to be surprised so much that they nearly fell over. Although Trevor at least had expected this to some extend. The bully looked so scared that he might wet his pants at any moment. Before he got the opportunity, however, Akeya crouched so she could stare him in the eyes, removing her blindfold so he could see her green dragon eyes.

    "If you're strong you should use that strength for something more useful than bullying others. Bullying is for those who have a weak mind."

    While saying this her green dragon eyes appeared to glow, the boy frozen in their glare as he nodded so fast that his head might fall off and roll down the street. After keeping him like this for a couple of seconds Akeya stood up, turning back to Trevor. The bully took that opportunity to run straight towards the school, only looking back once before accelerating.

    "He shouldn't bother you any longer. However don't try to make fun of him over this. Best if you don't talk with him too much. The fear should keep him in check."

    Trevor nodded vaguely, also somewhat intimidated by the half dragon who had pretty much scared the bully shitless. At Akeya motioning with her hand he quickly gave her the reward for the job, after which Akeya continued on her way, Trevor watching her for a couple more seconds before running after the bully towards school.


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