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    Oops... I didn't mean to [Bully the Bully/Solo]


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    Oops... I didn't mean to [Bully the Bully/Solo] Empty Oops... I didn't mean to [Bully the Bully/Solo]

    Post by Arata 3rd January 2016, 10:57 am

    Arata has been called to Magnolia to deal with a bully, and the kid who had told him to do so offered to give him some pocket change, but Arata would have helped the kid anyway, after all, one less bully was one step closer to Utopia. The kid had told Arata to 'scare the kid away' but Arata did not plan to do that all, he planed to simply talk to the child, after all, most people found Arata very persuasive. But the Shackles of the Damned had a different plan, the second that they noticed that Arata was planning on doing something nice, they started to coil around his chest, it was their manner of objecting to his actions. Arata grimaced, but ignored the Shackles, he wasn't going to let them overpower him, he was going to deal with this kid his way, and that was that. But the Shackles weren't going to have it, so they wrapped even tighter, but this time, thy burned, causing Arata's skin to sizzle and pop like cow meat on a skillet. Arata wanted to scream, but he was not going to let the Shackles defy him. But that didn't mean the man wasn't weakened, he staggered around, barely conscious, his vision blurry and incomprehensible. 'Just give in...' The Shackles whispered, their voice barely even a whisper, but still seductive to Arata. If he just gave in... all of the pain, it would go away. But he couldn't give in, he had to beat the Shackles, Arata couldn't let his father win, not now, not ever.

    Arata held on as long as he could, but eventually, the chains took over, overwhelming Arata with pain. The Shackles forced Arata to get up, his normally blue hair and eyes now a deep crimson red. "Now..." Arata growled to himself, "Where is this little boy?" Arata glanced around, and eventually spotted a short blonde child, and right when Arata found the child, the kid kicked and person, about the same age as him, right in the groin, causing the child to collapse on the ground in pain. "That's the one..." Arata growled to himself, a Shackle slithering up his arm and onto his palm, forming a sort of whip. "Child." Arata said, his deep red eyes seeming to gaze right into the boy's soul, "Today is the die you die." But the blonde kid simply chortled and said, "Yeah right! No one can hurt me, I'm the toughest of the tough!" Arata rolled his eyes and the Shackle he wielded as a whip started to heat up, "Really?" He asked spitefully, "Because last I checked, you were nothing more than a sniveling little bitch who steals from people just to hide his own fear." The bully smirked, trying to hide his fear, but Arata could see right through it, and an evil grin spread across his face. "As I was saying, today is the day you die."

    Arata flicked his wrist, and the whip connected with the boy's chest, burning right through his shirt and burning the boy to the point where his pale skin was sizzling and red. The boy let out an agonized shriek, but this just made Arata smile more, "Yes! Good boy! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!!!" Arata kept swinging whip around madly, each time burning the boy more, and causing him to scream more loudly, but the louder the boy screamed, the more maniacal Arata became, whipping him more and more. Eventually however, Arata's whipping ceased abruptly, and he asked, "Do you want me to stop, you sniveling little bitch?" The boy sobbed and nodded, but Arata simply chuckled, "Aww, well that's too bad." And with that, Arata's whip wrapped around the boy's left arm and burned it straight off, causing the boy to let out a bloodcurdling shriek. But that wasn't enough for Arata, he needed to inflict more pain, so he caused the whip to wrap around the boy's other arm, burning this one off as well. The boy sobbed and sobbed, but he seemed to have lost the ability to speak, for he was not objecting to Arata's whipping as he had been before, and this ruined it for Arata, "You're no fun anymore." Arata said with a frown. Throughout all of this, the chains had loosened drastically, so Arata went back to normal, feasting his eyes upon the scene the Shackles had made him cause. "W-what have I done?!" He asked himself, sobbing and running off, never wanting to see this boy ever again.


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