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    Bully the Bully [Lamya|Job|Solo]

    Alivya Tarrin
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    Bully the Bully [Lamya|Job|Solo] Empty Bully the Bully [Lamya|Job|Solo]

    Post by Alivya Tarrin 22nd September 2015, 6:31 pm

    Job info:

    Lamya looked around at the school yard. She was here upon the request of a mall child that she had met on the street. The young girl had accidentally run into her in an attempt to run away from something. She seemed to be crying as her eyes were red and she was sniffling. Usually Lamya would possibly turn a head, help the girl off the ground and continue going on her way. But as she saw the younger girl crying the celestial mage could not help but feel bad for the girl. So after she had helped the small girl up and taken her out to get some ice-cream she had finally gotten the younger girl to talk to her about what was wrong. Lamya had found out that it was a boy at school that was bullying her.

    Hence the reason why she was at the school now. Lamya stood there fidgeting, it was uncomfortable for her to be at school. She had never been in her life, it was a new experience for her. With a small sigh the girl scanned the play ground trying to see if she could find the boy who had been bullying the younger girl. Lamya frowned and pouted slightly when she didn't see the kid right off the bat. She was going to have to wait until the right recess. With the pout still on her face the celestial spirit mage went to go and sit on the swing set that was on the other side of the play ground.

    Several hours went by before any other children came from the doors of the school and when they did Lamya began to scan the kids once again. This time she was going to find the boy. She was sure of it. There was a feeling that she could feel. A small smirk graced her face as the purple haired woman stood up from the swings. She began to make her way over to the doors where the children were coming from and sure enough the boy that was claimed to be the bully exited the room. He was grinning brightly as he talked to his friends that followed behind him. Lamya narrowed her eyes and glared at the boy. She didn't like him at all. She froze in her spot as she watched the children continue to file out of the door the girl whom she had run into exiting soon after the bully had. Lamya watched for a moment as the girl tried to get around the bully and his friends.

    It didn't work. The younger girl had been caught. Her beautiful chocolate brown hair that she had put up into pig tails had been caught in the hand of the bully. With a swift yank the girl had been pulled back causing for her to stumble and fall. She landed on her hands when trying to catch herself and scrapped them up. Tears pricked her eyes an- that was all Lamya could take before she stomped her way over to the children. She swatted the hand of the boy, knocking the long glossy hair from his hand and with one swift motion Lamya scooped up the younger girl placing her on her feet before looking back at the boy with a deadly glare. Her normally teal eyes seemed to turn darker and the lips of the mages turning into a fierce grin. Like a predator found their pray. She was here. Lamya's darkside. "You're the one who has been bullying this girl?" The boy only looked up at Lamy awith fear in his eyes. Good. "I'm going to take that silence as a yes. Well let me tell you. If I ever find you bullying this girl. No, actually anyone I will come back and kill you. I am sure that you don't want that so I want you to think carefully about what you do from here on out. Cause I will not hesitate to kill you so don't give me a reason to. Besides I am sure that your parents don't want to find the body of their child lifeless and cold on the ground." Lamya finally pulled away from the boy slightly. She was sure that she had scared the boy down to the boy. He was shaking and looked as though he was about to puke. This caused for pride to swell inside of Lamya. Good she had stopped him. But it wasn't over. The boy next to the bully began to laugh as if what Lamya had said was a joke. With a low growl the girl slashed her hand forwards and through the chest of the laughing boy. Gripping the muscle within him she yanked it out and the boy coughed before looking down and collapsing to the ground. Lamya dropped the heart to the ground before look at her target and smiling evilly. He now knew what would happen to him. From there she spun on her heel and walked away.

    Mission complete.

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