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    Ascended Blood

    Alivya Tarrin
    Alivya Tarrin

    Spirits Keeper

    Spirits Keeper

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    Ascended Blood Empty Ascended Blood

    Post by Alivya Tarrin 12th April 2022, 11:35 am

    Ascended Blood Eb8TqD0

    Magic Name: Ascended Blood
    Magic Type: Blood Magic
    Alivya lived her life in a way that she was grown up to be loved and cherished. She was a girl that was adopted by a loving family, two parents and a brother who despite their care and their attention to her she was never satisfied. Her brother was regal and strict with himself and her parents were hovering over her at all times, but they spent much of their time with her brother. So while she felt the love of parents, it wasn’t the same. She craved more.

    She began to grow up and her hunger for attention and love began to grow, developing into something sinister and greedy. She wanted it all and it wasn’t something that they could provide her. She eventually began to venture into the night, finding comfort in the arms of others. What was once an escape and a small relief for her need became an obsession. It didn’t matter who it was or what they were she met with them and fed off of their attention and need for her.

    Yet, as all things do they come into a conflict, running into and capturing the attention of a demon that craved the same things that she did. Alivya didn’t know as she spent time with the creature and only after and as the morning rose did the cat girl finally realize what and who she had done. A female demon that craved blood and pleasure. However, rather than draining the girl of her blood she cursed the girl to live the same fate, living as a being who craved pleasure with the necessity of blood. Not a vampire but a Dearg-Due, a demon who lived off of blood and desire.

    Now, because of this curse that has taken over her life she lives for desire and is able to utilize blood for her needs.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability: Consumption: Passive - Locked until D - Alivya, as she uses her blood for her magic, and after draining the blood from others as as result she has increased HP by character rank buff.
    • Ability: Delivery: Passive -  Locked until B - Alivya, as she doesn’t rely on MP to cast her spells she is able to convert all of her MP to HP
    • Ability: Ascension: Passive -  Locked until S - As Aliya relies purely on blood she is able to use blood as an ability to track people giving her a standard buff to both physical and magical speed of rank buff.

    • Plot Ability: Manipulation: Active - Alivya is able to control blood in small amounts and in just everyday life due to her association and dedication to blood.

    Solitary Benefit: +75% to HP. The user gains the ability to designate Blood spells in the magic including this magic type.

    D-Rank Spells:

    C-Rank Spells:

    Signature Spells:


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