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    Blood or the Blood Drive

    Coco Winters
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    Blood or the Blood Drive Empty Blood or the Blood Drive

    Post by Coco Winters 3rd May 2021, 3:00 am

    Lillian would arrive at what appeared to be a blood drive. They had asked her to come help due to being short-staffed. This was something little and thought she could handle a nice day of helping people prepare for a blood drive she could be an extra set of hands at the very least She got to the front desk and smiled at the woman who the only be described as doing 6 people job shifting through papers and helping people Jackie and where to go.

    “ hello ma'am, my name is Sister Lilian I was sent by Sabertooth to help you with the blood drive, what do you need me to do first?”
    she asked with a very reassuring in polite tone.

    the woman will back up from the desk and give a small sigh relief and give a genuine if not tired smile.” perfect we could use a hand thank you for coming on such short notice if you wouldn't mind could you start by going in back and making sure they don't need any help.” she said what an Earnest smile. To this Lily and simply smiled and gave a small nod and started to walk back. to where the bald guy was happening where there was a Mad Dash of people She ended up finding one of the doctors Who she introduce yourself in a similar fashion and was given the task immediately to get all the people who had already been helped out and on their way. And she was . pointed to the large group of people who are this Milling around and taking a space and asking questions she calmly walked over small cough and spoke.

    “Ahem everyone who has with help, if you would please follow me out into the waiting area where you can get some refreshments on your way out I'll be very thankful if you did so. I hope you follow me all so I'll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the blood drive to the best of my abilities but we do need to get out of the doctor's ways so everyone please follow me.” she said with an avoidant the kind tone to a voice as you start to walk her call blowing behind her most crowded follow her dispatcher at the sound of Refreshments leading them out into the next room and down a small hallway we're outside the facility there was a small tent setup with little snacks and drinks for the people who have finished giving blood to receive their refreshment.

    as a staff member saw the war to the people they quickly came over and took all the people thanking them before starting to answer any questions. Will they would smile at this small Kurt and I but not say anything not wanting to make up the time I see walked back inside. she walked inside only hear the crying of a small child with her mother. this blood drive was more than just taking blood it was giving and donating blood to those who needed it and a small boy didn't need was one of the ones who needed the blood. Some of them walk over and overhear the conversation.

    Charlie it's okay you need the blood be brave boy from Mommy okay” she was saying to call me as ringtone is a doctor try to get the boy to hold his arm still. But the boy wasn't having any of it. sister Lillian would walk over giving a small smile. \

    “ excuse me Charlie my name is Lillian. I know shots can be scary. But if you would like maybe if you want to watch them do it to me would that help” she said we can forward slowly and taking the boys hand as he gave a small sniffle but nodded. if Willie was being honest she also did not like shots she didn't hear them like this boy clearly did but she wasn't a fan if she didn't have to but you gave a small smile wanted to be assured the boy and how about his arm and the doctor in His Infinite Wisdom definitely knew what game she was playing and Put the Needle in her arm and slowly injected the blood and she didn't make a single noise despite the trick of the pain and look at the boy. “ see it isn't so bad Charlie, now if you want I will hold your I've beenhand the entire time while you do it and so will your mom. the boy not only has the mom grabbed his hand and Lillian held his in the boy was given the blood he needed when the bed is sniffling though he clearly still didn't like it. what the procedure was done in the mom simply smiled and thankes Lillian as she went back to help the rest. of all the tasks he was given today when not given that one felt back to her she thought she made a difference without small boy it was more than happy redo it again if necessary.


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