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    Blood Drive (Job)

    Luxi Oriri
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    Blood Drive (Job)  Empty Blood Drive (Job)

    Post by Luxi Oriri 1st March 2019, 3:36 pm

    Arno Panzia
    Arno Panzia didn't like looking at blood, nor the thought of blood. Looking at him would make him feel dizzy, and nauseous. He had developed a dislike of blood out of the blue, he didn't know why he didn't like it. He mostly didn't like it, because it was messy, and didn't have a bad sign. However, he had to put his difference aside, and do this blood drive in order to give out a good cause. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make. He had wondered if they were to bring out too much blood from his body, and he'd eventually pass out from it. It didn't sound convenient. However there was a catch to this blood drive. Him as a mage had to make sure that the patients felt more comfortable about getting their blood sucked out of their system, and be put into better use. His job was pretty simple, and he had to make sure that he was putting out a good example to any aspiring mage.

    It was a small stop to becoming a good hearted mage, and someone that can eventually be recognized for his efforts to the magic council. He was an anti social outcast, so he was already bad trying to keep people entertained during this event. Nonetheless he had to try his best, or nobody will recognize him as a well fitted mage. People will end up throwing him under the bus, for being poor, and lack heart, and guts. Fortunate for them, they wouldn't be lying about that part. He didn't seem like your go to role model, but he is a kind, and gentle person. He was good at performing, as he had developed the arts of singing, and dancing at a young age. Arno could show off his singing skills to the kids, and entertain their ears, as the event went on.

    He was confident about his abilities to sing. He could even sooth the patients ease, with his beautiful voice. He wanted to set out a perfect example, even if it means Overexerting himself in order to get the job done. It would at least prove his worth, and give people a reason to remember his name, and remember what type of person he was. After finishing entertaining the kids, he had to go over, and help out the people that had finished gotten their blood drawn. Helping them with their balance, in case they would fall. Arno was lucky that it wasn't him. He'd end up screaming like a child, because of the sight of blood. He would have thank the heavens that he had became a mage, and not the victim of needles, and sharp, pointy things getting injected into his skin. The thought of it, sent shivers down his bones. After doing this for quite some time, he was already getting tired. Being an assistant, and help people around rose garden, entertaining the children. He had felt like his life had sucked him dry, and felt as if he could barely move.
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    Blood Drive (Job)  Picsar10

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