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    Driving Blood [Blood Drive]

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    Driving Blood [Blood Drive] Empty Driving Blood [Blood Drive]

    Post by Digit v2 9th January 2020, 12:30 pm

    Rose Garden had an activity that involved donating blood. It seemed to be a big deal to the government, but all they wanted mages to do was take care of feeble people. Levinia would not have minded donating some blood herself for the greater good, but her blood was in no position to be transfused into someone else. The color of it alone was rather alarming. So, she had opted for something else she could do to make a little difference. She was worried though, that people would turn her down just for her looks, but she would try, anyway. If she was turned away, it would not be her fault.

    The venue was a small but beautiful hospital, and there were a few law enforcers standing about, ready to arrest and detain law breakers of any sort who wanted to sow seeds of chaos in this place. Gingerly, Levinia approached the doors, holding her passport as she watched the law men. They were discussing among themselves and laughing, but they stopped when they saw her.

    "Um..." was all she said.

    "That one has an odd look about... it?" one of the guards said, studying her baggy clothes and wondering whether she was even male or female.

    "Ease off, Jake; it's a girl," another guard said, stepping forward and taking her passport, though he was looking at his friend.

    "How can you tell?" Jake queried, watching Levinia suspiciously.

    "Her voice, doof," his friend replied impatiently. "And if that ain't good enough for you, her passport says it all."

    He turned back to Levinia. "So, what can we do for you, young lady?"

    "Um... I'd like to volunteer helping the patients," she answered meekly.

    "Hmm... sure thing, kid." The guard handed her passoprt back to her. "You're not in a guild, but your passport's legit, so I guess you're okay."


    So, there were still good people in the world.

    Moments later, Levinia sat on a chair quietly, fanning a man who seemed to be swooning. She had been helping in whatever way she could, and what she lacked in limbs, she made up for with heart. At first, people were suspicious of her, and she had even overheard someone wondering why the guards had not turned her back. Still, she worked her best and did what she could, and the doctors soon grew to like her spirit. A medic soon came around to check the man's vitals, which seemed satisfactory so far. She was not much older than Levinia, but she was obviously the head of the outfit. She smiled at her and asked, "Enjoying the work, I hope."

    Levinia wanted to answer something along the lines of "it sure beats being chased with a stick", but she didn't want to sound snide to someone who was trying to be friendly. So instead, she said, "Well, it's not as glamorous as saving Era from rabid fish people, but I'm just happy to be making life easier for people."

    The doctor laughed, then beamed at her. "I take it you're a mage, right?" Levinia nodded. "Well, you just keep that mindset, and do what you do best. It's your type that eventually will save Era from rabid fish people."

    Levinia laughed, and the woman waved, then went on to continue her rounds. Much of the day went without incident, but the words of the medic stuck with her. Maybe there was much hope for her yet. At the end of the day, she got paid by the medical team, and went on her way, feeling a lot merrier and fulfilled than she had felt in a while. Perhaps she would focus more on being of help to people, and less on how to get rid of her curse. But if the chance came for her to do so, she would.

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