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    Mister, I don't have your money [Bully the Bully]


    Completed Mister, I don't have your money [Bully the Bully]

    Post by Guest 28th December 2015, 5:48 am

    Marschal had gone to Magnolia Town to run a few errands on his own, when he had come across a job opening just before he had left. It requested that one of the mages bully a bully for a child, though they were not allowed to injure or kill the suspect in questioning. Since it was located in Magnolia Town, where he had been heading, Marschal had grabbed the job request and made off for the child's home. When he had gotten there, the mother answered the door, explained some of the situation to him, and told him that her son had already gone off to school. The mage gave his thanks toward her and followed the woman's directions to the school, where he had encountered the young boy and his aggressor. It must have been lunchtime or recess, one of the two options, Marschal wasn't all that familiar with schooling, since he had never gone to one. What he did know was that no one would get away with bullying a young child, just because they felt like making someone feel like shit.

    "Hey!" Marschal barked out at the advancing boy, the paper in his hand crumpling up as his hands balled up into white-knuckled fists. "You get your sorry ass away from that young boy, or so God help me, I will come over there and beat your fucking ass for it." He bared his canines at the middle-schooler, hissing as he took a step toward the two of them, hoping his yelling would do the job.

    However, the bully only turned toward him, eyed him over, and stuffed his hands into his pockets in a mockery stance.
    "Oh yeah? You and what army?" he snipped back, antagonizing the Black Rose mage, a grin spreading wide over his face.

    "Why I aught ta. . ." Marschal began, but paused his sentence and cleared his throat, mentally telling himself that he would not stoop to that boy's level. "You don't think I can't hurt you on my own? I'm much larger and stronger than you, yet you believe in that puny, little mind of yours, that you can beat me? Ha! You don't know half of the story, so why the hell do you believe you can beat me like you beat that poor sap right there?
    What are you? Some pathetic child who thinks hurting other people is going to get you off in life? Well, you better second guess your thought. You have no idea what the hell goes on in that boy's life, and here you are, bullying him and stealing his hard-earned money. I hope you feel goddamn proud of yourself over this. Bullying people without even knowing what their life is like at home."

    "Why should I care what goes on in their life? They don't fucking care what goes on in my life! They don't know what I go through!" the boy snapped back.

    Marschal's temper broke and he gripped the bully's face in one of his hands, pinning his head, so he was unable to move it away. "Let me clean that mouth of yours out with soap," he threatened, letting out a feral growl before continuing, "that gives you no goddamn right to bully people. Just because your life is a living hell, doesn't mean that you should make other people's lives a living hell like your own. Deal with your own issues, you damn pussy! And stop bullying this here child, or so God help me, I'll come back in an instant and kill you." He let go of the boy's head roughly and took a step back, shoving his hands into his pockets and glaring at the bully, eyes glittering with rage. "I want you out of here, and I don't want to see you bullying another child, you understand me? You get your life fixed up. Friends are better than enemies."

    He was shedding tears at this point, not out of fear or anger, but out of the fact that he was being scolded for something he didn't realize. The child wiped away the tears from his eyes and nodded at the man, then turned tail and ran off back to the school building. Marschal's eyes shifted down to the boy that had been the bully's victim, and smiling down at the child momentarily. "I don't think he's going to be bothering you any longer," the mage stated, "I hope that what I said got to his head and he'll leave you alone now."

    "Thank you so much, sir!" the woman's son exclaimed, pushing himself off the tree and wrapping his arms around Marschal's waist. "I didn't think he would ever stop bullying me, so I sent out that job request in hopes of getting someone to scare him enough to stop.

    Marschal bent down and returned the hug before letting go and straightening back up, and speaking, "well, you'll be okay now."

    "Here, please take my change I was saving up from my job! This means so much to me and I want you to have it!" the boy chimed, digging into his pocket and pulling out what change he had.

    Marschal extended his hand out and the boy placed it in his palm, where he wrapped his fingers protectively around the jewels. "Thank you, but you really needn't pay me," he responded, though would be nice enough to keep the change, since he was only a child.

    "I insist, please!" the child replied, but the school's bell soon rang and he looked toward the building before looking back, "well, I got a go! Thanks so much, again!"

    The mage nodded his head and turned on his way, off to finish whatever errands he had to run, but now he had forgotten.

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