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    Babysitting...woooo....[Job:Take Care Of My Baby!]


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    Babysitting...woooo....[Job:Take Care Of My Baby!] Empty Babysitting...woooo....[Job:Take Care Of My Baby!]

    Post by Mina 6th January 2016, 3:34 am

    If there was one thing that Mina disliked about being guildless was the fact that it was so hard for her to keep the jewels flowing. All the legal guilds got the decent jobs and by the time Mina had managed to sneak her way through the crowd to the local ad stand she found that a majority of even the milder jobs had been taken. She lifted up ad after ad but she couldn’t find the right job for her until she came across a small parchment near the bottom of the board.

    “To whom it may concern,
    My husband and I are going for a big party and it’s out of town. Our son, our naughty-inhumane-son, is going to spend the night alone if he doesn’t have any babysitter to take care of him. We need you to take care of him and when we come back we expect him asleep; or else I will not reward you. This may sound like an easy job to do, but in fact it’s hard. The fact that I say that is because; he’s an inhumane baby: he’s very naughty, and dangerous. This one time, I saw him taking a knife and nearly cut his cute fingers off. Anyway, good luck!”

    Mina rolled the paper around in her hand noticing that the address of the client put her just on the edge of Magnolia town just a few blocks from where she was at. ‘This should be easy enough and it’s also a decent amount of jewels too.’ She gathered up what little things she had and headed on her way.

    When Mina arrived to the clients address she paused a bit before knocking on the door. The place seemed normal but a movement just beyond the window’s curtain caught her eye. A quick glance around and she noticed a security camera near the corner of the roof staring in her direction. Even before she could meet the clients she was already being watched and it didn’t appease her one bit. She knocked on the door and a moment later footsteps and yelling ensued before the door opened showing an exhausted women barely managing to stand in the doorway.

    “Ah! You must be the babysitter! I thought no one would answer the ad on time before we had to leave. Was getting worried there…Come on in and meet Spence.” The women motioned Mina in and escorted her to the living room where the boy, most likely around the age of two to three, was on the floor playing with some toy cars. At first the young child seemed innocent enough but as the pair got closer the boy started giggling and throwing his plastic cars at the two women. The mother moved closer to the child and bent down waving her figure at the child and muttering something that Mina couldn’t quite hear. The child’s attitude didn’t even budge even with the scolding from his mother.

    The mom, after having gathered herself up, moved to the front door, grabbed her coat, and met her husband in the open doorway. “Remember…he needs to be asleep by the time we get home otherwise there’s no pay.” She then closed the door behind her leaving just Mina and the child alone in the house.

    ‘Alright this shouldn’t be all that bad.’ As Mina turned her attention back to the child she had noticed that the joyful sounds that the boy was making seemed to had disappeared. A quick glanced brought the realization that she had been instantly dreading: The boy had vanished. She began frantically looking around the room wondering just where the boy could’ve waddled off to. It was then that she heard what sounded to be a chair rustling against tile coming from where she figured the kitchen was.

    As Mina turned the corner that leads to the kitchen, she was shocked to see that the child was already starting his climb up the wooden chair and on his way to within reach of the knife block sitting on the edge of the counter. In fear of what might happen, Mina glided as quickly as she could and nabbed the child off the chair, spinning as she pulled the boy away before landing on the ground in a seated position. Mina let loose a small sigh as she held the now laughing child in her lap. “I can see that you’re going to be a bit of a problem.” The child merely stared at her for a few seconds before bursting into laughter once more.

    Mina carried the boy back into the living room and placed him down next to his plastic toy cars. She watched as the child picked up the closest car and began rolling it around the floor. This went on for about an hour before the child began throwing the cars around the room causing Mina ta slightly panic. “Alright you…I can see that this isn’t going to work. Let’s try something else.”

    Mina picked up the struggling child and sat him on the couch next to her. She then twisted her body and sat crossed legged on the couch staring at the boy. She closed her eyes and focused on the jewel inside of her doll body. The child went from struggling tantrum to awestruck shock as he watched Mina’s body beginning to glow an eerie white. Mina’s inner soul then seeped out of the doll before forming a half human ghostly shape on the couch next to the boy. Then…there was silence.

    The two stared at each other wondering what to do next. The room was so quiet that one could hear the sound of running water in the house next door. Then out of the blue the boy reached out and waved his hand through Mina’s torso. He did it a few more times before finally crawling through Mina and curling up against Mina’s doll body quickly falling asleep in the doll’s arms. ‘I see what’s going on.’ She placed a small hand on the boy’s head and smiled before disappearing back into the doll’s body. “You just needed to know that I wasn’t going to hurt you.”

    Mina picked up the sleeping child and cradled him in her arms before walking him to the only bedroom and placing him on the bed. A few hours went by and Mina was happy with the peace and quiet that she had managed to grab before the parents got home. Not a peep was heard when the parents arrived and only the silent exchanging of payment was all that was needed for Mina to leave. She waved bye to the sleeping child and left the house disappearing into the night.

    Word Count: 1,123
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