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    Take Care of My Baby!


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    Take Care of My Baby! Empty Take Care of My Baby!

    Post by Dragofox 12th December 2016, 3:43 am

    “BOY STOP RUNNING AROUND!” Garahad shouted, giving chase to the 2 years old baby. The green haired little munchkin ran around in circles in the living room, making a bigger mess after each steps and stops. He was giggling; he thought that the idea of an older man giving chase to him is something worthy of being comedic. Well, not for Garahad surely, sighing as he fell on the floor flat, making a mess of the house himself.
     “Aww he’s cute.” Garahad remarked, pinching the baby’s cheek soft and gently. The parents smiled to each other as the white-haired mage said so. They were probably telling themselves things like ‘honey we did a good job’ or ‘you bet he’s cute, look at his parents!’, the confident tone strongly stressed by his imagination. “Remind you though, he’s very naughty. Last time he almost hurt himself,” The mother, Katy, said worriedly, putting one hand on the father’s shoulder, “And we only let him out of our sight for 5 minutes.” The father coughed, it was probably his fault at that time. Garahad played a bit with the kid, before being shown places in the house, like where the baby, Midori, would be hiding when it’s his time to play, or where they keep all the valuables and harmful stuffs at, such as the knife and jewellery.
     “So please, remember. We’ll be back at 7.” “And we expect him to be sleeping by the time, so please.” The mother and the father left shortly after, The mother turning back after a few steps, “Please. Our son is very naughty. Please be extra careful, not for you, but for our Midori.” She gave one last worried look at the male mage, before turning back to the father, who had waited for a bit for his wife.
     “Ah come on,” Garahad said after they’ve left, closing the door. “What could a 2 years old probably do?”

     “GODAMIT YOU COULD DO SO MUCH!!” Garahad again shouted, catching an expensive looking vase Midori had dropped during one of his mischievous steps around the house, escaping his caretaker by various distractions. In a way, that was actually kind of genius for a baby. Probably one of the parents’ traits that he inherited. “Damn, they did a damn GOOD job.” Sarcastically, Garahad sighed, putting back the misplaced telelacrima remote. He needed to get the baby back to sleep, and the last thing he would want that day is to have the baby still wide awake and energetic by the time the parents came back home from whatever it was they had to attend to. 
     After a few rounds of searching, finally they stumbled upon each other at the hallway. “All right..” “Gyaa bo!” The baby said in his language, which apparently was a reply to Garahad’s challenge. They stood facing each other, both prepared and ready for any moves by the opposition, much like a western cowboy movie scene. A random crumpled piece of paper flew past between the two, making the moment seem much more alike the western movies.
     “Aight.. boy.. you wanna do this!?” The baby replied Garahad’s challenging face, with his lips pressed upwards, pissed off at the baby and his mischief with his own face of accepting the challenge.. The mage has got enough. The two prepared themselves for one final attack, Garahad clutching the baby feeding bottle tight, ready to use his ‘weapon’ against the baby.
     And with one loud war cry from the both, they jumped towards each other with full force.
     The door knob shook, sounds of keys clashing against each other heard from the outside. “My baby-!” “Shh!” the mother looked in pleasant surprise. The father put off his hat and coat, hanging it on the stick thingy where you hang those kinds of things before getting inside the house to see what was happening.
     And there he was, Garahad, sitting on the single sofa, placed right in front of the baby’s cradle. Midori was sleeping soundly. He even had his pacifier in his mouth, jumping on his lips a few times as he sucked on it while asleep attentively. The white-haired mage had a very bright victorious smile on his face. It was not easy, but it was surely under his control.
     “B-but how..??” The mother turned to Garahad. From the way she asked, it seemed like the other caretakers before him failed. But considering Midori, it was probably very hard for them. But for this mage, this time, he emerged victorious.
     After taking his payment and whatnot, Garahad set to leave. Two steps away, and the mother called back from the door. “Would you like to be his caretaker again someday?”
     Garahad smiled, and turned his back against the mother. “Well.. I would not normally reject a humble offer..” He put on his hat, ready for take-off.
     “..BUT FOR THIS ONE I’D SAY OH HELL NO!” He laughed, running off as the parents watched in awe. Garahad meant it, there was no way he’s going to deal with that baby ever again.
     “Well, I guess we’ll have to find a new caretaker now.” The parents sighed, closing the doors as the curtain fell.


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