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    Hush Little Baby [Take Care of My Baby]


    Completed Hush Little Baby [Take Care of My Baby]

    Post by Guest 28th December 2015, 10:58 am

    Seeing Black and Red
    Hush Little Baby [Take Care of My Baby] J5ve7oy
    words: ###. tag: @Marshy notes: panther hanyō, Black Rose mage.

    "Marschal Leigh, here!" a mage called to the half-breed, tossing a fat letter in his direction.

    Marschal's hand snatched out into the air, grabbing the letter with the tips of his claws, just before the letter had fluttered to the ground. He eyed the stationery envelop, turning it over, gingerly, in his hands, then flipped it to the side with the wax emblem holding it closed. His pointer finger's nail dug a gash into the wax, and he peeled it open, pulling out and unfolding the letter with strict curiosity. In no way could a letter be from his mother or father, as both of them were dead, and he highly doubted his biological father wanted anything to do with him. Plus, the letter was left unaddressed, so it was likely that it was just a job request someone had thrown at him out of boredom. Marschy pulled out and opened the stationery letter from inside of the envelop, and carefully read over what had been written on it.

    Dear Mage or Mages,
    Me and my husband are going for a big party and it’s out of town. Our son, our naughty-inhumane-son, is going to spend the night alone if he doesn’t have any babysitter to take care of him. We need you to take care of him and when we come back we expect him asleep; or else I will not reward you. This may sound like an easy job to do, but in fact it’s hard. The fact that I say that is because; he’s an inhumane baby: he’s very naughty, and dangerous. This one time, I saw him taking a knife and nearly cut his cute fingers off. Anyway, good luck!


    His upper lip twitched a little and he quickly closed the letter, and stuffed it back inside of the envelop, so he didn't have to look at it again. He rolled his eyes at this point and walked out of the guild building, figuring that he had been given this task for a reason. Maybe it was because he was a cat and people found a sick humor in seeing poor animals tortured by evil, little children, who knew. Marschal placed the letter into his back pocket and headed out to Lavanitir's port, the only way to travel to Fiore and get to Magnolia.


    Marschal stepped off the ledge of the ship railing and onto the deck, heading into the heart of the town he had been in not long ago. He had been graciously given the address of the house he was to babysit the child in, along with a few other informational items. Mostly things like what the child was supposed to eat and drink, when to put him to bed, and all other things necessary to care for him. The mage paused at the doors of a rundown apartment, knocked on the door, and waited for someone to answer the call. Moments later, the woman, who had sent out the letter, opened the door and was beaming a smile at the young lad.

    "I'm so glad you could make it! Please, come in!" she greeted him, gesturing with her free hand and moving out of the way, so he could enter.

    Marschy took up the offer and stepped inside, quietly looking around while the woman continued to gussy up and call her husband down. "I don't suppose you got the rest of the information I sent to you in the letter, did you?"

    "Uh. . . ah! Yes, I did, I have it all with me, and don't worry, your son will be taken care of nicely while the two of you are out," Marschal responded, turning to look at the couple.

    "Thank you so much for this, dear!" Katy exclaimed, pressing a kiss onto his cheek, then grabbing her husband's elbow and pulling him out the door. "We'll be back before you know it!"

    With the couple now gone, Marschal turned to the living room and looked around, noticing that the child was not in there. He frowned, realizing that she had forgotten to tell him where she had left her son, but it was no sooner than the rattling of drawers in the kitchen, that Marschal knew where the child was. The mage turned on his heels and stomped into the kitchen, where he found the baby trying to get into the drawers where the knives were. Marschy snatched the baby up into his arms and glared a warning at the bouncing baby boy, wagging a finger at him.

    "Look here, child, I'm to be babysitting you until your parents come home, so you better be on your best behavior, or so God help me," he threatened the toddler. The baby only smiled and giggled at him though, grabbing hold of Marschal's wagging finger and gumming it, despite his claw. "Ow! Goddamn you, you little pest!" He ripped his finger from the baby's mouth and shook his hand; apparently, the baby was teething.
    Marschy let out an exasperated sigh and carried the child to the living room, where he set him down amongst all his toys and settled with him.

    The child grabbed the nearest toy, which was a Choo Choo Train, and started running it around in circles and smashing it into the ground. He tilted his head some, curiosity getting the better of him, as he grabbed a toy from close by, and joined in on the playing. It was only minutes later that Marschal was fighting the child to get the toy train out of his mouth and back onto the floor, where it belonged. Though the child started crying when it had come out, Marschal only frowned and growled at the baby before picking him up again.

    "You're a nuisance, you know that, Beastly?" the Black Rose mage stated, deciding to name the evil child "Beastly" for his time being. He was only giggled and laughed at, then his ears pulled on and played with by the child; at least it was keeping him out of the knife drawer. "Release the ears!" he ordered of the baby, but was ignored by the too-young-to-understand toddler and continued to have his ears pulled on. Not tolerating what was being done to him, the mage began pulling the child away from him, ultimately having his ears tugged at. Marschy let out a pained hissed and snipped at the child, which caused the baby to release his ears and start crying.

    His ears flattened against his head at his mistake and he started shushing the child and bouncing it to get it to stop crying. "Don't cry, don't cry! Please!" he started begging the baby, "hush little baby, don't you say a word. . . Marschy's gonna buy you a mockingbird. . ." The baby stopped crying at this point and was intriguingly listening to Marschal singing, though he was absolutely horrible at it. "Yeah. . . you like that? Do you want me to sing you more?" The child slowly bobbed its head up and down as a yes to Marschal's request. ". . . And if that mockingbird won't sing, Marschy's gonna buy you a diamond ring. . ." He started bouncing the child again and smiling. "And if that diamond ring turns to brass, Marschy's gonna buy you a looking glass, and if that looking glass gets broke, Marschy's gonna buy you a billy goat." The child was giggling and clapping by now, but was starting to look quite tired from the lullaby being song to him.

    It had been a few hours now that they had been together and fighting with each other, mostly Marschal running around and trying to keep things out of his mouth. The sun was starting to go down, but he was really enjoying babysitting the youngster, even if he happened to be a troublemaker. "And if that billy goat won't pull, Marschy's gonna buy you a cart and bull, and if that cart and bull turn over, Marschy's gonna buy you a dog named Rover." He was smiling and cooing at the baby, this time heading up the stairs to put the child to bed in his crib; well, hopefully. "And if that dog named Rover won't bark, Marschy's gonna buy you a horse and cart, and if that horse and cart fall down, you'll still be the sweetest little baby in town!" Marschal continued to gently bouncing the baby now that he had fallen asleep against his chest, sucking his cut up thumb gingerly. He softly placed the child in his crib just as the door to the house opened and the couple walked back inside; he could hear foot steps wandering up the stairs as he then exited the room.

    "Is he asleep?" Katy asked, trying to peek over the tall man's shoulders.

    Marschal nodded toward the woman and spoke, "fast asleep; he was a bit of a trouble, but nothing too major that I couldn't handle."

    "Thank you so much, dear!" she whispered, and began digging into her purse, "here's the jewels as promised. I can't be grateful enough!"

    Marschy took the jewels from the woman and bowed his head toward her before heading home as well.

    WC: 1,542
    ⒶⓀⒾ; recoded by Marshy

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