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    Take Care Of My Baby


    Take Care Of My Baby Empty Take Care Of My Baby

    Post by Guest 12th April 2019, 11:17 am

    Another day, another job and tonight's was one that had caught Leliana off guard a little. There were many things that a mage was but a babysitter was not usually one of them. Still, the pay was good and the petite black haired girl was on a roll so she agreed to do it. Katy, the client, had made it very clear to her that her baby was a little different to most and Leliana had taken her at her word. So much so that she kept the kid in the living room for her most of the night, while summoning Sylveon to play and keep the boy occupied. It was quite a successful plan too and their was little in the way of trouble and he seemed quite taken with Leliana's cheerful spirit, who was quite happy to have a bit of fun with him. That left the mage with simply watching the TV, an activity that she did not do all that often and honestly found quite boring. The life of a wandering mage seemed so much more entertaining then what she was watching and the fact that half of the channels seemed to be about violence and rogue mages did not improve her opinion on it.

    The time passed quickly enough though and it was soon time for the baby to go to bed and so Leliana picked the little monster up and carried him upstairs to his cot. She then turned to Sylveon, who calmly sang a lullaby in order to help him doze off, which he soon did after a few minutes or so. With a smile, Leliana left Sylveon beside his cot to keep an eye on him and returned downstairs. There was not that much else to do at that point and she just returned to her channel surfing, trying to amuse herself with what she was watching. Fortunately, she soon heard keys in the front door and Katy and her partner entered, having enjoyed a nice night out and eager to see that the the house was still standing. Standing up and following them upstairs, she found both parents happily looking over the sleeping baby while Sylveon was cheerfully wagging her feelers in greeting. The parents were a little baffled by her in truth but once Leliana told them of how she had helped, they soon warmed up to her spirit. Katy happily paid Leliana what she was owed and after dismissing her spirit, the purple eyed mage took her leave of the family. It had not been the most interesting or difficult of jobs but the girl was happy that she had managed to help out another family, as well as increasing her bank balance even further. The summoner could not have been more pleased with how things had gone since she had returned to Magnolia and she was certainly in a good mood. She was not sure if she would stay in the town for much longer and it would depend on if there were any more tasks for her but either way, she would remember her time fondly and there was a smile on her face as disappeared in to the night.

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