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    Deliver my letter [solo, job]


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    Deliver my letter [solo, job] Empty Deliver my letter [solo, job]

    Post by Nemuru 9th October 2015, 8:32 pm

    Nemuru yawned, rolling her shoulders in a mighty stretch as she made it back to one of Magnolia’s various job boards. She glanced through the various postings looking for one applicable to her. Taking one off a random, the poison mage studied it. She gasped slightly in surprise. “Deliver my letter?” Nemuru read off with a questioning tone. “Well, at least the client is here in Magnolia Town,” she murmured to herself.

    She followed the job request to the address, this time actually knowing where to go. A few moments later she found herself in the shopping district. Armors and Irons was a simple store of budget goods tucked away in a shady back alley. Their wares were often nearing the end of their lives and sold at rates that nearly anyone could afford. Many really weren’t even worth the time or effort. Seeing as Nemuru had a penchant for weapons, she actually knew the owner in passing.

    Shifting from foot to foot, she waited for the only other customer to leave the store. The poison mage pretended to browse some of the rusting knives before turning to the owner. “K-kano.. I see you need some help.” She dropped the request in from of him. A slight smile of recognition lit his face.

    A letter, bound with string and wax, written on fine parchment, was slid across the counter to her. “Eiren is a childhood friend of mine.” His face softened into a dreamy, wistful expression. “As you may know, she’s quite popular. She’s also due to perform in Magnolia tonight. Get backstage, past her ‘security.’” He scoffed slightly at that. “Deliver the letter, without opening it or getting caught and there’s some decent jewel in it for you.” The shop owner smiled softly. “Here’s a ticket so you can get in.”

    A few hours later, Nemuru was, listening to the concert, wearing a simple black coat and a hat drawn low against the chill. The poison mage kept her hands in her sleeves together, for warmth, it seemed. She slowly slipped through the bustling crowd, working her way to her target. Her average build and frame offered her relative anonymity.

    The poison mage worried slightly over her plan, but it seemed sound. Once she towards the front she approached a man intensely focused on the concert. Nemuru poisoned the small blade she had concealed and slid the glowing, dripping weapon into his pocket. The mage was careful to leave the handle sticking out. Quickly, but not so much as to raise suspicion she worked her way towards the side with the backstage entrance.

    Watching as the man swayed from side to side, the began to slip out. Nemuru smirked slightly. Now the fun begins, she thought. Another concert goer caught sight of the glow and gave a yell garnering the attention of security.

    Utilizing the commotion, the mage slipped backstage. She easily located the star’s room. After all, it was marked with her name in large letters. Nemuru set the letter on the dressing table and hurried back outside.
    Once outdoors she found the entire crowd was now a chaotic mess that the security guards were trying to organize. She ducked and weaved part way through before turning around. Eiren was being ordered backstage for her safety. The mage walked out of the concert hall, on her way to retrieve her jewels. Nemuru felt assured that Eiren had received the letter. However, a frown spread across her face. That plan relied too much on luck.

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    Deliver my letter [solo, job] Empty Re: Deliver my letter [solo, job]

    Post by Hikachu 10th October 2015, 3:11 am

    Deliver my letter [solo, job] YdROJZD


    Deliver my letter [solo, job] JhB4MAf

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