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    Deliver My Letter! [Job l Solo]


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    Deliver My Letter! [Job l Solo] Empty Deliver My Letter! [Job l Solo]

    Post by Annora 6th March 2015, 3:18 pm

    Job Description:
    Job: Deliver My Letter!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be done under 10 posts. 500 words total. This increases by two posts and 200 words per extra mage.
    Job Requirements: Deliver the love letter.
    Job Location: Magnolia Town.
    Job Description:
    There's this man in Magnolia who wishes to send a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore, who seems to be his childhood friend and love interest, and surprisingly, that celebrity is heading to Magnolia Town. You must get through many fans and enter the backstage if you want this to happen. Just don't get caught by security, or else you won't be able to give the letter.
    Reward: 600 Jewels

    Myra sat there looking at the man who walked around in circles due to anxiety. “So you understand my situation?” As Frank (the man) asked, Myra simply nodded her head. Of course she would understand. He had been going on and on about how beautiful and amazing Aurora was. Aurora is one of the most popular singers in Fiore.  Her songs are heard all over radios and televisions.  She had many fans and admirers, but Frank was different. 

    He wasn’t some ordinary fan or admirer, he happened to be Aurora’s childhood friend who is now in love with her. He had sent a job request to help him deliver his letter to the stunning beauty he had fallen in love with, which Myra had accepted. “Here, take this.” Frank handed Myra a piece of paper neatly folded and kept in an envelope. “Please be careful.” Myra nodded and left for the stadium where Aurora’s concert is to happen later tonight. 

    Soon she reached there, and saw millions of people crowding at the entrance. There was still an hour left for the concert to begin and there were already this many people.

    Myra has always been afraid of crowds. There was only one time where she actually went in to get something. After that, she swore never to do it again. But she had to find some way to get inside. The front entrance was not an option, but maybe there is a back entrance. The pink haired woman quietly sneaked past the guards, who were too busy organizing the screaming fans to even pay attention to the female. Myra easily slipped past but the only problem was the guard that was guarding the back door. The mage had to find a way to get rid of him. 

    She then looked down and saw a small pebble kept. “Perfect” She muttered as she picked it up.  Standing opposite her was a metal trash can. Myra closed her left eye and aimed at the trash can, and her aim hit. The sound echoed through the dark sky as the pebble met the bin. The guard immediately looked up and ran towards the direction of the bin to see what was wrong.  This was her cue.

    Myra slipped into the room and saw the beautiful brunette sitting there. Aurora seemed to freak out after seeing Myra. ‘What are you doing here?” Myra walked forward and handed Aurora the letter. “I have something for you.” The pop star took the letter and began reading. At the end there was a smile plastered on her face. “Thank you.” She said before requesting to meet Frank. 

    Myra knew where frank would be so she snuck Aurora out of there and brought her to the man who loved her dearly. The pink haired girl smiled as she left the two love birds alone. She had already collected her reward and was now headed beck to her guild. She helped someone find love. For that, she was happy.


    [Word Count: 500/500]

    The happy couple (Frank and Aurora):
    Deliver My Letter! [Job l Solo] Perfect-couplecap-doi-hoan-hao


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    TᕼE ᗰOᑎᔕTEᖇ I ᖇᑌᑎ ᖴᖇOᗰ Iᔕ IᑎᔕIᗪE Oᖴ ᗰE.

    Deliver My Letter! [Job l Solo] EhHiEpZ

    Deliver My Letter! [Job l Solo] QUzgcgK
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