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    Deliver My Letter (solo)


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    Deliver My Letter (solo) Empty Deliver My Letter (solo)

    Post by Nao 7th October 2015, 7:18 am


    The job was to be a simple one: Walk in to the dressing room, plant the love letter and get out all the space of 10 minutes. Planting the letter was the easy part, getting in was going to be the tough part. What if he got caught? Well that would be a problem.

    Minute one: Observing the guards and their patterns a little further away using his magic. He could see how they were dressed and luckily he had managed to don some of those clothes similar to that style. He had a suit with a fake headpiece to make it look like he was part of the group, and sunglasses to cover his eyes. On top of that was some casual clothes and a fake camera to pose as a photographer.

    Minute three: Nao began pushing through the crowds, posing as media photography for the Magnolia Monthly (a magazine for the town and its surrounding areas), and then scouted for the entrance to the backstage. It was guarded by a man who looked like he had been on roids, with no sunglasses on luckily. Nao would just happen to walk up to him and ask for the opportunity to take a photo with the idol. A quick look up and down at Nao and the man shook his head saying that photos were for later on not Nao.

    ”But it’s a good chance to get the photo in now!” he said, clicking the fake camera and then using his Blinding flash to fake the flash of the photo. The man recoiled over the flash and Nao pretended to look horrified. ”Oh maybe I’ll come back at a better time.” He would pretend to walk away while the man was trying to rub his eyes from the flash. This was where Nao would move in and hide in the nearest closet.

    Minute Six: All dressed up in the suit and ditching his previous clothes; Nao was ready to move on to the dresser. He would keep one finger on the earpiece to keep it in and look like he was listening to something important. He would use his eyes to search for the room and deliver the letter to the idol that the fan was requesting for. He had the letter sealed in a pocket. It was just about finding the person.

    Minute nine: Eventually he came across the room and found the idol sitting at the dresser platting her hair. She looked so pretty… but this was no time for that. He just needed to plant the letter on her and be done.

    Nao knocked on the door and let the idol know she was soon to be on. She politely shooed him away before leaving her dresser to get ready. This was where Nao would then plant the letter on the dresser so she could see it and then he would leave. Hopefully she would read the letter soon.

    With that all done Nao would Sneak off.

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