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    Deliver My Letter||Solo


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    Deliver My Letter||Solo Empty Deliver My Letter||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 14th June 2016, 9:21 pm

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    Holding the letting in his hands he walked into the building, all he needed to do was go though the crowd, get backstage, give her the letter and leave, along with that he can't be caught. Almost all of that he is totally fine with doing, the worst of it is, back it up to the first step, yup, crowds. He dreaded them so, he was a boy of the country, no the city, crowds where not his thing, and dare I say it, it scares him. But he had to do it, and if he really wanted he could kill some people, which always calms him down, or riles him up into a killing spree. But no matter, the boy stood at the back of the crowd, the concert had yet to start, but the room was still filled with will noise. Countless voices filled the room, he could already feel his hands and face started to break out into a sweat, his heart beating faster then normal. He made his way to the edge of the room and he tried to scoot through the edge of the crowds, though he still got many rude glances and comments. It was going surprisingly quick, getting through the rather large crowd of constantly talking people. He was finally at the end, but then "Hey! This is my spot, you don't need to be in the front mister giant" said a man, rather gruff, and unusual to be at this young woman's concert, but who was he to judge, he was a psychopathic assassin who was trying to deliver a love letter. And to ignore the trouble he stabbed him in the heart with the switch blade knife that he always carries around with him, he figures that in a crowd nobody would notice who did it. Which turned out to be true, he passed out of the crowd with ease and he stealthy made his way in through backstage door, the murder making quite the good distraction. Immediately after entering he was caught by a guard that came out a room "Hey your not supposed to be back here!" he said, without saying a word, he quickly got behind him and snapped his neck. He then pushed him back into the room that he came from and closed the door before continuing on his way. Finally making it to the make up room for which the young celebrity was. Opening the door the girl looked at him shocked "Wh-who are you! Get out! Sec-" she was interrupted by the boy covering her mouth with his hand "A message from a friend, that's all" he handed her the letter then walked behind her, opened the window, waved her goodbye, and hopped out. He made his way back to the young man who asked him to deliver the love letter in the first place "Oh thank you so much!" he said, rather happy to hear the good news that he successfully delivered the message, though he didn't tell him of the two deaths he cause, but that was none of his concern "Here you go!" he said rather chipper, handing him the money. He smiled and took the money "Happy to help, but if you'll excuse me, I have to go home" he said, and with that, he left.

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