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    Deliver My Letter! (Job/Solo)


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    Deliver My Letter! (Job/Solo) Empty Deliver My Letter! (Job/Solo)

    Post by Shakil 17th January 2018, 4:38 pm

    P-Please! I'm begging you!"

    How does one end up in this situation? A concert had been taking place on one of Magnolia's finer days, and with that came several food stands and booths that gave only the greasiest, fat-filled food. And the best part? It was free! If there were a better opportunity for a free meal, it didn't seem to be around here. Dash from booth to booth was his plan, but nothing ever seemed to go as planned. One thing led to another, and the brown skinned man found himself behind a portable bathroom with a rather stocky man with round glasses and a layer of sweat coating his body. Even through all the teasing scents of funnel cakes and pretzels, his body odor seemed to overwhelm them all.

    Shakil glared, raising a pair of fingers to pinch his nose, shielding himself from the odor, "Beg me as much as you desire, but could you not have chosen a more appropriate location to present me with your pathetic demands?! You have the smell of a pig, and by the restrooms, of all things!" he cursed, tapping his foot impatiently.

    "We know each other! We played together when we were little. I just wanted to talk to her again, you know?! I don't have anyone else to ask! You don't seem busy, so please. . . I'll even pay you! Six-hundred jewels! I'll give them right here and now!" the stocky man begged, nervously reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small bag of the alleged jewels.

    Shakil would glare and snatched both the letter and bag, his expression morphing into that of a scowl, "Very well. But know that you have the bravery of a kitten! Men like you are the reasons such beauties create leagues for themselves! Pathetic!" he would grunt before ambling off towards the empty stage.

    The distant but loud chatter filled the air more than he anticipated upon approaching the massive crowd, all unwilling to budge and just as ferocious. Shakil couldn't help but try to push past them, but to no avail. He felt himself swell with irritation as he continued to try and push through, only managing to make it just a tad deeper into the infestation of girls, and the occasional male stalker (who the lovebird seemed to resemble perfectly) with their cameras and "I <3 U" T-shirts.

    As he made way deeper into the crowd, a thought had come to mind. Even if he were to succeed in making it to the front, he wouldn't be able to simply climb onto the stage and hand her the letter. That being said, she wasn't on stage in the first place. It was a break period, but the fans raged on anyway. With that in mind, Shakil made way to the outskirts of the crowd and slipped to the back of the stage, quickly approached the celebrity and slid the letter down her dress.

    The woman shouted, "E-Excuse you?!"

    Shakil would only turn to leave, "Best wishes for your show. Farewell!"

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