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    The Story Of An Ice Princess


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    The Story Of An Ice Princess Empty The Story Of An Ice Princess

    Post by Hikachu 10th June 2016, 3:48 am

    ▶ History/Story ◀

    Wintershield – a nation located far north from the land of Fiore, ruled by the noble king, Erwin Valentine and his queen, Cordula. The country was known to be more peaceful than any other neighbouring lands, filled with bliss and serenity. Mountain peaks capped with snow and ice adorned the whole kingdom as walls of security. The country was not well-spoken of, despite its perfect harmony among the residents of the nation, thus, very few people have ever heard of the place. Some believe the country is a myth, a place that is non-existent but only in stories. The kingdom always being covered in snow, there were very few seasons; summer and winter, each for 6 months during the whole year. Summer was always beautiful in Wintershield, the lakes and seas that were frozen during the winter would finally melt and allowed people to go fishing and swimming. The weather would sometimes get so steaming, young girls would strip bare and enjoy the waters that ran along the streams and rivers which was always the perfect sight for men, old and young alike. On the other hand, winter was never preferred, or rather, hated by the people of Wintershield. It was always harsh and unbearable, tons of people suffered from starvation due to crops being unable to harvest. Not to mention, it was exceptionally hard for the people to stay out of their homes as well, since they were likely to be frostbitten within a few hours due to the exposure to extreme cold.

    After the harsh winter, summer never came. One would say it was the worst year of the entire Wintershield and the dawn to the end of kingdom. While the whole country was out of control, Cordula was carrying a child of Erwin, only a couple of months before the child was to be given birth. Panic and worry began to rise within the family as the problem would worsen each day with people killing each other on the streets just for a mere piece of bread. A country that was once very harmonious had come to diminish and had developed into disorder. On the 24th of May, Cordula had given birth to a girl into the ’Valentine’ family. The king and the queen could not be more contented with the only beautiful child they had been blessed with and named her Hikari – the light of the Valentine family. In the amidst of all the problems that was occurring within the kingdom, Hika grew up as an adorable and a happy child, oblivious to all the events happening in the country. Her parents knowing how dangerous the country had become, permitted Hika from travelling outside of their palace, let alone making friends without telling her the reason. Being educated and taught inside the household with no friends of her age, the young girl grew lonely and confused of why she was always being told not to leave the place and also, was unfamiliar of making friends. In spite of being locked inside the palace, Hika enjoyed one thing that she had been taught; dueling with swords. Born on the coldest winter of all the years in Wintershield, the young girl loved playing with snow which is the reason she obtained a nickname from her mother, ’Snowflake’.

    The young girl had grown older, smarter and stronger each day, almost becoming a master at wielding swords until chaos broke out within the city. People had turned into cannibals, killing humankind to save themselves from starvation. There was almost no food left for everyone, not even in the palace. The people that raged had surrendered themselves into violence and travelled all the way towards the palace and murdered the guards with their huge numbers. The king and the queen requested Hika’s mentor to take care of her and sacrificed themselves for her safety, believing that perhaps the future of Wintershield could be saved. After the only two survivors of Wintershield fled, the young girl couldn’t help but clutch onto her chest, the place where her family insignia was embedded into her skin and sobbed her whole heart, like the wolves howling while her mentor wrapped his arms around her, comforting her before they fled to Fiore.

    RP Sample:

    The moment the Sabertooth guild master set her foot outside of the biggest buildings in Ace of Spades — the castle, she could feel the wind hitting against her face, softly kissing her cheeks and whisking away the scarlet cape that hung from her shoulders. Aquamarine pools glanced upwards into the azure sky only to get enticed by the beauty of the nature; the birds soaring in flocks, the puffy creamy clouds drifting along with the gentle zephyrs. The pink-haired woman fluttered her eyes close and felt the, whilst tucking away the loose strands of hair that fell on her face behind her ear. With her most trusted metallic boots clacking against the ground, she wandered through the streets, mobs of people crowded together in certain places, laughing and cheering as they chatter. The corner of her lips curved into a smile upon seeing the liveliness of the town. With her arms folded behind her, fingers locked together, the woman continued to examine carefully through the area, making sure that nothing was wrong or amiss.

    Soon, the young Sabertooth mage came across a grassland, empty yet breathtaking. A couple of animals filled the lands, trudging through the thick grass. She could tell no one has taken care of the grasslands since the vegetation was at least 3 feet tall. Brushing out the grass away to the sides, she plodded through the grass until she saw a glimpse of a figure in a distance. Her hand placed horizontally on her forehead, she squinted her eyes to clear her vision until she came to notice that the figure was her boyfriend, half naked, in the middle of the lawn chasing a chicken. Mentally, she face palmed herself at the silly sight of her boyfriend but she didn’t mind for she was already used to seeing this side of his personality.

    The rose-haired mage took a few steps closer to Chelvaric, but he was still a couple miles away from her and cupped her hands around her mouth. ”What’re you doing here? We’re supposed to get onto Kite’s ship, don’t you remember!” Her voice loud and booming, she reminded Chel of them doing a job along with Kite. They shouldn’t make him wait, or else she would feel bad. Plus, Kite was already kind enough to let them on his ship. ”Hurry up! And get dressed!” Gesturing with her hand to follow her, Hika began to skip away to the location of the ship. The docking area for air ships wasn’t that far but it was still quite a distance to walk. Soon after a couple of minutes, they would reach their destination. Surprising how there weren’t anyone around the ship, she had expected many people to be guarding the ship. Tentatively, she claimed up onto the stairs and entered the ship.

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