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    Deliver My Letter! [Solo]

    Izagai Nami
    Izagai Nami

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    Deliver My Letter! [Solo] Empty Deliver My Letter! [Solo]

    Post by Izagai Nami 2nd March 2015, 4:53 am

    A symbol of affection. This is what was stuffed in the rather large sleeve of the raven haired young man that walked about the town, wearing a rather large looking robe of blue with white triangles at the sleeve, mocking mountains. The weather was ideal for the man who's hair was tied back in a pony tail, as he scanned the clear blue skies for any clouds, which he saw few in the distance. The young man nodded to himself and walked through the streets of Magnolia. Today was the day of a fairly simple task. To deliver a love letter from a love struck man to a rather popular actor by the name of Hirogaya Barnaby, another male. Not being one to question the love of a man for another man, the young man stopped at the corner of the sidewalk he was on and took a right, towards the theater where the man was acting today, and was coincidentally, signing autographs. However, in order to make sure the letter was read, the man had an idea, and walked about a block towards the theater before stopping at a flower shop, and swiping some of the discount flowers from the bin out front, and walking on while the store owner seemed to be out of the store. Thievery was the obvious solution in order to maintain a profit on this mission. Not to mention, the flowers where left out, how could he pass up the opportunity?

    The raven haired man after some time made it to the theater, and noted the line for autograph signing, and he raised an eyebrow quizzically. The line seemed to be comprised of nearly all men. Was he perhaps one of "those" actors? An interesting celebrity indeed. But once again, not something he was going to poke his nose into if he didn't have to. But there was no way in hell he was going to waiting a line for half an hour in order to drop off a letter. There was a far easier way to do this, and he intended to take great advantage of it. The soft skinned mage walked away from the line, and circled the side of the theater as his eyes scanned the side of the building, as his skin began to crinkle like paper and he grabbed the letter from his left sleeve with his right hand and noted an entrance to the backstage. Left partially open, likely for air, and a single guard.

    It was too easy. He rushed forward, skin turning to paper at the guard while his attention seemed turned to something else, and with the flowers in his left hand, tossed them in the guard's face, forgoing the plan to give them to the actor with the letter, and rushed past the guard and into the backstage door. He was confident as he pulled the door back to where it was behind him as the guard looked for the cause of the sudden flowering of his face. The mage smiled as he walked through the backstage and saw the sign labeled "Hirogaya Barnaby" and he nodded, opening the door slowly, noting no one was inside, and tossed the letter on the actor's stand where he kept the make-up, whatever it was called, and then closed the door again, before bolting out the other side door tripping the emergency door alarm, which would make people run inside, but not until after he was gone. In the mage's mind, it was mission complete.


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